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    Fotografia Nieruchomoś
    Real estate photo retouching - HDR
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to retouch interior/real estate photos. I take photos in HDR technique, without flash. Tasks include: 1. assembling the file into a whole- I assembled in LR using HDR Merge, but I know that some people work on layers in PS. I leave it free here, the important thing is the end result. 2. Improving the basic values - brightness, contrast, colors and geometry. 3. removing artifacts like hanging cables, dirt, reflections from the TV, clipped lamps, etc. (I photograph sales apartments, they are often not perfect). 4. applying my logo + keywords in the metadata of the file. 5. Export in two resolutions 1800px long side + compression in TinyPNG and 4000px long side, 300dpi. Photos reflecting my level are posted below, this is the effect I want. The photo is supposed to attract attention, make the listing stand out. I leave artistic perfection to others-not this budget and not these expectations of clients :) I ask for a quote for one photo (so it will be easier for me to see if I can afford your services) taking into account 1 round of corrections and processing up to 24 hours after uploading the material to disk. One order is a minimum of 20 photos, I can give 10 orders per week on hand.
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    Product photography on social media.
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to take product photos that we can use on social media. The photos are about baby clothes.
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    I would like to make some product photos to be used in the company's advertising materials. We expect the photo to be taken in an interesting interior in which the products from the attachment will fit well. A photo with a dog, cat or people will be an additional advantage. Conditions : Deadline : Up to 15 April Number of photos to take : 1-3 from each product design Products : all products are delivered anywhere in the country at your own expense by courier.
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    KONEKT 2 deals
    Photo retouching (permanent cooperation)
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission retouching of photos. Retouching concerns single-family houses and their surroundings and mostly consists in enriching the photo e.g. with grass, removing the data on the address of the residence, cleaning the fence from streaks, etc. At the moment I have about 10-12 photos to process, but as I wrote above I plan to cooperate permanently because the photos periodically come to our portfolio.
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We are a marketing agency, we are looking for a photographer with Photoshop skills to take pictures for catering twice a week, we currently have two clients. The catering will be sent to the photographer's address, and the photographer will stay, we need about 4-6 photos of catering. Please send me your offers.

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