Prestashop Fishing Store Fixes

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We are looking for a professional with Prestashop to cooperate with our fishing shop.

programming PShowLoyaltyProgram plugin by Prestashop. The viewing tab is to be available to all users, and the exchange is to be available only to logged-in people with the required number of points. The appearance of the products in the rewards tab should be 1: 1 like all other products in the store. In this tab, there can be no zloty denomination, only the denomination of points of a given loyalty program.

for subscribing to the newsletter, we want 20 tokens to be added to the account, which can be used in the rewards tab.

after logging in to the store and entering "my account"

-> "coupons" are any coupons. We do not grant any coupons, please remove them as well as all related items

-> "My receipts - payment corrections" is an unnecessary tab, please delete it, as well as all related things

-> "My cumulative discounts" is an unnecessary tab, please delete it, as well as all related things

-> "Loyalty program" change the name to "Big Tokens Fish" and link it with the inscription "Big Tokens Fish" which is placed in the bottom section of the footer. The point is for them to go to the same subpage.

Introduction of regulations, privacy policy, and other amendments provided by lawyers, such as checkboxes, etc.

Change in the main menu so that only certain product categories are displayed in the subcategory menu. We have, for example, the Feeder tab and there the Crates and boxes subcategory, which expands to the other categories. I would like all categories of boxes and crates to be displayed in this final expansion, with the exception of float tubes.

Configuring freshmail and preparing for graphic work

Mobile appearance

on mobile, there is a resolution problem. When choosing a receipt or invoice, the page "drops"

change the color of the menu font on the phone

Template / individual design:

Prestashop - the store is already up, final corrections and audit before launching.

Required functions:

The functions are ready, they need some tweaking.

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