Preparation of curtain and drape textures for 3D environment

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Agencja Reklamowa Capricorn
Agencja Reklamowa Capricorn
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Job description

Let's hire 1 person, comlex preparation of textures for 3d environment, for an emerging application.

What exactly we require:

- photographing the curtains/firans

- processing of photos on the basis of which will be prepared:

a. seamless textures (possibility of infinite pattern repetition)

b. 3d map NORMAL

c. 3d map ROUGHNESS

d. accurate specification description of prepared files (completion of excel table, appropriate naming of files)

- ongoing correction of files to improve their appearance

- preparation of separate 3 files for each product, according to specifications

- curtains have embroidery and mesh - these 2 elements should be treated independently

Specifications will be sent to you. Importantly - the curtain files must have transparency. There are a lot of patterns, therefore, please specify the hourly rate.

In the attachment exampled.