Plugin for Prestashop that exports orders broken down and summarized according to VAT rates

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    I will commission a website with the possibility of opening a store later. The industry is jewelry services, selling gold jewelry, silver jewelry and wedding rings. I have purchased hosting and domain.
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    Paweł Ząbek 2 deals
    Creating an online store on WooCommerce
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a new website for my company to create along with a store. The preliminary design is already prepared in Figma; The blocks are not yet arranged as they are supposed to be. Naturally what you see may be changed/adapted to your needs and possibilities. And your experience. Store at the moment is to have 7 products. I want to be able to add more products on my own. I already had a store on woo and did that. But I am not some PRO. Similarly, I want to be able to add blog posts. I don't foresee more tabs than what they are. I care about affiliations such as; Dispatches will be organized through the Apache plugin. Hosting and domain are available. I invite you to cooperation
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    Alicja 2 deals
    Programmer - Comarch e-Store
    Proposed by freelancer
    We need a programmer to build an online store on Comarch e-Store software Please provide a quote for one month of work with declared number of hours.
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    Krayna Sp. z o.o.
    Combining a store on the Shoper platform with a store on Instagram. The main thing is to download current prices from a store on the platform with FB (Instagram store)
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    fototim 3 deals
    Konfiguracja inPost w Prestashop. Zmiana wyglądu popup wtyczki inpost. Ujednolicenie nazw "koszt dostawy" w czasie zakupu, mailach potwierdzających, panelu cms. Dodanie możliwości zmiany i wyboru adresu dostawy. Włączyć link z nagłówka Twoje konto (powinna zostać tylko sama nazwa).
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    Website for a beauty store
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey I would like to commission an online store website for a beauty company, probably best on wordpress so I can use the site easily. I would like the site to have tabs with a homepage, blog and store. I would like to argue video courses on it as well as physical products. It would be good if there was some kind of affiliate option for the future if I start working with influencers. Of course, it would be good for the store to have the option of various payments. I do not know how much does someone take for such an order, so please provide a price range. Alternatively, please ask if something is not clear.
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    I'm looking for someone to do proper domain and mail configuration on godaddy with a store on sellingo. So far when we were able to set up redirection from domain to sellingo it stopped working mail, and when mail worked it stopped working redirection :)
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    Dominik998 12 deals
    The assignment is to design graphics for an online store based on the presta shop system. Graphic design of home page, category page with filters, product page. Implementation of graphics through the template editing panel available in the administration panel. Implementation of responsive version.
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    Karolina Ostrowska
    I am looking for a person to enter products into online store from provided pdf catalog. Number of products is about 200 pieces. Store set up on Wordpress - woocommerce. To enter product name, catalog number, descriptions and photos, variations (size / color, etc). I will ask for a quote proposal and lead time.
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    coding of the home page, product list and product card
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Online shops
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Job description

We need a plug / external script thanks to which we could generate a pre-order list of orders in a given month, broken down into VAT rates and summaries.

Only paid orders can be added to the May list.

Attached is a pdf with the information we need on the printout.

Urgent topic.

Required functions:

Generating a list of pre-order orders in a given month with a breakdown into VAT rates and a summary to PDF. Only paid orders can be added to the May list.

Template / individual design:

If it is needed, we will provide it.

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Krzysztof Piątk.

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