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    animacja 2D | 50 sekund
    Proposed by freelancer
    Zlecę do wykonania "animacje" 2D (dragon ball style), która ma być piecem (moje profilowe) tylko w świecie dragon balla w tym stylu artystycznym Animacja ma trwać około 50 sekund. Więcej szczegółów w wiadomości prywatnej.
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    Animowany Fan Art projektu
    Proposed by freelancer
    Dzień dobry, zlecę wykonanie animowanego Fan Artu. Możliwość nawiązania stałej współpracy. Pozdrawiam
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    MaciejD 5 deals
    Zlecę wykonanie filmiku animacji zawierającego prezentację oferty firmy oraz jej usługi na podstawie załączonego scenariusza. Animacje powinny być zgodne z layoutem katalogu oraz zbliżonymi grafikami. Lektor czytający załączony scenariusz oczywiście animacje dostosowane wizualnie do tekstu. Animacja powinna zwierać teksty wybranych losowo funkcji, loga omawianych usług, zdjęcia prezentowanych automatów . dane kontaktowe dostępne z strony www.bogmar.net
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    Konrad Maciejczyk
    Hello, welcome 😊 We are looking for a person to make animations for our videos for our newly formed video game editorial team. Details: -Introduction (about 5 seconds) -Inset (appearing at the bottom of the screen, we want to be able to edit the text there later) -Ending We want the animations to be done in a fairly minimalistic style, without unnecessary stuff. You could say that the introduction would be the text itself, which appears in a nice animation and then disappears, nicely revealing the specific material.
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    I need a check icon animation in a gif.
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    Kamil Laskowski 5 deals
    Short 2D animation 30/40 seconds
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a simple 2D "movie" to be made, which presents a service such as SEO/website optimization or SEO in general. The video should be about 30/40 seconds long. The look of the animation I would be interested in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnyJQb37RRw More details in a private message.
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    Multimedia setting for online events
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will establish cooperation with a graphic designer who realizes graphics/animations for online events: looped animations, signature bars, transitions, graphic improvement of presentations, posters. Consistency in aesthetics and good rapport are important to me. I like contrasting, expressive designs.
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    INTRO realization for YT channel
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an ambitious person who can create a short INTRO in the form of an animation (10-12 sec.) introduction to videos on YT. The subject of the recordings on YT will be aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, hair transplantation - interviews, instructional videos, advice, etc. The entire implementation and creative concept on the part of the contractor. We are interested in an interesting, dynamic idea that will encourage people to watch the film. Please send me your portfolio or a link from the implementation.
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    Creating short videos with VideoScribe
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, We are looking for a person to make drawn animations in VideoScribe. These will be for cryptocurrency-themed videos. First, a narration is recorded which will be sent to the performer along with the transcription. It will also be accompanied by any necessary details or clues if something was not understood. It will be the performer's job to animate the presentation and synchronize it with the narration. The length of such animation will be about 10 minutes. We would ask for a quote for 1 video.
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motion graphics
promotional video
video editing
video editing
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Job description

We are looking for a professional who will make animations based on a creative brief, and then assemble a 3-minute pitch video presenting the most important areas of our project

We need a dozen or so scenes consisting mainly of animations (graphics + text), at the beginning, we will also provide copies of ready-made recordings of crops. Preparation of the text and the visual concept on the client's side - we will send a ready brief.

The visual layer should be accompanied by music and a lector (EN) - proposed by the client or by the performer (request for an approximate rate), to be agreed.

Order completion date: 6.12

Type and length:

We anticipate the possibility of viewing the work in progress from the moment of its commencement in order to ensure compliance with the original intention. If you are interested, we invite you to send us exemplary implementations along with the valuation of the described order

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Dawid Zbiżek

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Maja Zalewska

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