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    Landing Page
    250.00 PLN
    I need a person to make a simple landing page in wordpress for me.
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    Site address:
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    I will order the creation of a wordpress site based on the provided design in Adobe XD. The site includes 4 sub-pages on the front end and a client account with 7 sub-pages (dashboard, tasks, reports, configuration, messages, referral program, invoices and payments). The site must be payment-linked and allow the customer to quickly purchase one of 3 selected services and then watch the progress of that service in the customer dashboard. Customer service must be able to send messages to the customer panel (with attachments) and read messages from the customer from the wordpress admin panel. For those who are interested, I will send a website design to understand the order.
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    MJ pracownia mebowa 1 deal
    Commissioning a business card website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a simple site on wordpress. 4 tabs ( about us, offer, our realizations, contact) Text and graphics we will provide, help will be useful in laying it out on the site.
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    Joanna 1 deal
    I'm looking for a person to prepare an English version of my site in wordpress. texts will be provided, it's about setting up the polylang plugin. The site is built as one page with links to the portfolio (5 subpages). There are 2 more team sub pages.
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    Repulse 61 deals
    I need integration by API of a site made on Wordpress with EstiCRM application. The application is used for listing ads on portals like otodom - I would like it to automatically add the listing to the site as well.
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    ArturDługosz 3 deals
    Online study portal
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a contractor for a portal to sell and conduct online studies. I am interested in the portal. I will complete the content myself. Before you send an offer, please read the description carefully and pledge.
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    JWK Gdynia 3 2 deals
    Graphic design of the website
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a person to design the layout of a landing page type website. We will provide all the necessary materials and texts. We are open to suggestions.
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    Implementation of a business card page.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to implement a business card site in wordpress. I provide access to a clean wordpress installed. I provide content and optimized graphics. I expect: - 4 tabs - contact form - gallery - modern design Ultimately, I have several similar projects to complete. I am looking forward to permanent cooperation.
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    BartoszB 11 deals
    Elementor bug - removal
    Proposed by freelancer
    After logging into the site, such an error occurred. The order is to remove this error. Uncaught ReflectionException: Method get_site_editor_type does not exist in /home/users/irdis/public_html/ Stack trace: #0 /home/users/irdis/public_html/ ReflectionClass->getMethod('get_site_editor...') #1 /home/users/irdis/public_html/ ElementorPro\Modules\ThemeBuilder\Documents\Theme_Document::get_site_editor_type_bc() #2 /home/users/irdis/public_html/ ElementorPro\Modules\ThemeBuilder\Documents\Theme_Document::get_create_url() #3 /home/users/irdis/public_html/ Elementor\Core\Common\Modules\Finder\Categories\Create in /home/users/irdis/public_html/ on line 46
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1 deal
Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:


Valid until:

Job description

WordPress home page and subpages

Chat tidio


Inputs in which we select the country from the list and enter the name of the city (google autocomplete.

After going further, it transfers to the order page (a separate page with a new link, e.g.

There will be two services to choose from on the first screen

After selecting the service, the user selects the preferred execution date on the second screen. The date can be selected within a period of time (max 30 days) or for a specific day.

Service details

You can choose from predefined options + adding your parameter. For example, the dimensions of 10 x 10 are defined, and the third dimension and weight are given by the user himself.

After entering the details, we display the order summary

After filling in all the data, an order number is created, the order goes to the admin panel. Our employee handles the order manually. The service of the order consists in entering the price of the service, and after entering it, the customer receives information about the quote via e-mail and / or text message.

The customer receives a link to the order page where he can see a summary and two options for paying for the order. 1 option - payment for the reservation, which will be e.g. 15% of the final price. 2 option - payment in advance 100%. The user sees the upfront payment as more favorable because it is shown as e.g. 5% lower than when paying online only for the reservation and the rest in cash.

Order page with a link that will not be obvious to enter (i.e. not like the order number type / 1234, but something more complicated), moreover, access to the order data is secured e.g. with a PIN and / or password.

After paying for part or all (Payu or another similar operator), the order changes its status to Paid and after completing the order, the employee changes the status to Completed (after changing to this status, the customer receives an e-mail thanking for the service).

Required features

online payments, mobile version

Preferable solution


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