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    Sessions with clients via our platform. Therapy and coaching. 10 clients per a month home office Informacja od Useme: składanie ofert jest możliwe jedynie w przypadku: - posiadania ważnej legitymacji studenckiej (dla uczniów/studentów do 26 r.ż) - potwierdzonego oświadczenia o zatrudnieniu na etat za co najmniej minimalne wynagrodzenie - posiadanie działalności gospodarczej
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    French customer service person
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, we are looking for a person to whom we could "turn over" answering questions for French customers. These are individual customers who come from the Amazon platform. With us, these messages appear in the edesk system, to which the person would get access. Similarly, she would also get access to the baselinker platform, where all the information regarding the order is. The questions at the moment are about 80-odd per month. These are mostly questions like: - where is my package? - why didn't the courier come? - did I get the wrong product? - the product arrived damaged And now how I imagine it: - monthly subscription paid by us without any difference to the number of questions, sometimes there are none during the week, and sometimes they appear on weekends - the person in charge once a day glances at the edesk system to see if there are questions from France - if there are questions, then as long as she knows how to do it herself (and she will be able to after 3 months without any problem) she explains the situation to the customer or writes to the appropriate person from us from the company to, for example, resend the package, make a refund, etc. So on and so on ;) we are currently doing this with deepl, so we are looking for someone who has free time and capacity. Please give me prices for a month of service . Greetings Adrian
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    Bieri 6 deals
    Designing the configurator
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission the design of a configurator for office chairs. The chair consists of 6-14 elements, a sample photo is attached Namely: 1.Choosing the name of the chair ( it can include: sheet metal, seat, back, chair base or the seat alone, sheet metal and base - depending on the model) 2.Selection of the height of the actuator (there are 6 of them) Now: (a) the size of the base for actuators 100,120,140,160 will be 500 for the others 600 in another base it can be 610 and 670 b) in some bases it will be possible to use only actuators 100,120,140,160 (so there must be a lock to select more 3. choice of mechanism (consists of one, two or three parts) so their numbers must be written out 4. choice of seat color 5. choice of pegs ( always 5 pcs) 6. choice of footrest, etc.
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    I am looking for a person who is proficient in the application canva and will conduct an online training that will be recorded Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    PryzmatMedia 14 deals
    Maintaining an Amazon account
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who has experience selling on Amazon. Preferably a freelancer working with several clients or someone with agency experience. I will outsource the management of several accounts on the German marketplace.
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    Anna Bednarz
    Hi, I have a request to check the correctness of the translation of our website into Lithuanian. We depend on a person who will go through our online store one by one and check if the translation of the website is correct - review the menu, shopping cart, payment page, etc. We sell healthy food so we depend on a person who knows the names of food products well.
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    Rocket Studio
    Mobile app audit + backend
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person(s) who would undertake a mobile application acceptance along with the backend. The task is to verify that what has been done will be suitable for maintenance and development. Does it not use closed libraries, etc.
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Job category:
Expected budget:

50.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
Valid until:

Job description

I am looking for a person who speaks English well, has good audio and is available 3 days a week

The price with the development of our cooperation will increase.

The work consists of narration in English in videos on the YouTube platform .

The duration of one video is 8 minutes .

A channel with a container of compilation of accidents.

Number of characters:


Type and number of texts:

40/45 krótkich nagrań 10/15 sekundowych do opisania

The language of the text:

Polski na angielski