Mobile application in ReactNative

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we are in the process of developing an application written in ReactNative and we need to add some functionalities:

- the ability to send voice messages in the application chat

- the ability to add reviews to users in the form of stars + description

- phone calls and video conferences in the application (currently it is via Skype)

- adding a payment system other than ApplePay

- the ability to enter the app using FaceID

- adding users with standard and premium accounts

We want to implement these changes as soon as possible, which is why we are looking for someone ready to join in the coming days. If all parties are satisfied with the cooperation, we will gladly extend and expand the scope of joint activities.

Please provide an approximate price, lead time, availability and hourly rate.


mobile applications

Operating system:

iOS, Android

Required functions:

ReactNative, integration with mobile payments

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