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we are looking for a person who will undertake to write a mobile application based on Flutter.

The project is to create a working MVP that will check if there is a need for this type of solution to the problem. We assume yes :) That is why we plan to develop the application in further steps.


What you need to deal with in the project is:

- write the entire application from scratch using the version control tool (preferably GIT)

- integration with the payment vendor

- writing / SDK chat support inside the application

- chat must be encrypted at the database level

- writing video conferencing support, e.g. by using the SDK from

- authentication (google, facebook + account creation) and authorization (two / three roles with different set of permissions)

- writing push notifications

- ensuring that the application passes review in the Apple Store and Google Play

According to us, the creation of MVP will take 25 days (after 8 hours) to a person with 2-3 years of experience in mobile applications.


On our part you can expect:

- substantive support from the business side (what and how it should work)

- team management during work (we call back every day / several times a week and discuss progress, plan what to do, etc.)

- testing applications during development

- UX / UI support for the designer who created the views to the application

- you can work in our office with us (Tri-City);


What we expect:

- you must be technically independent when working on the application; you can handle Flutter / Dart

- have time for daily meetings with us

- you will deliver the app during the time we determine together; rather, it will be a full-time project for 20 days.

If all parties are satisfied with the cooperation, you can count on further, regular work with our team.

Please provide an approximate fixed price and hourly rate.

Best Regards!


androidiOSmobile applications

Required functions:

Flutter, Dart, iOS, Android, SDK, API, mobile payments, Google Pay, Apple Pay

Operating system:

iOS, Android

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