Mobile App Development for QR code using ionic framework

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    AT Development 4 deals
    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a new module in our mobile application. The base has been prepared very professionally with the highest standards so going in and adding code should be easy and fun. We already have a UX design.
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    Provisioning wifi in andoroid app
    Proposed by freelancer
    Update the Android app for the Esp32-based IoT controller with wifi provisioning capability (build provisioning functionality into the app).
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    Przemek Ganc
    Apps like Uber, bolt
    Proposed by freelancer
    Development of Uber, bolt type Application please send price of such product
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    RAPIT 11 deals
    I will commission to make a mobile application in the form of a web overlay for ios and android and put it in the apple store and google store.
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    Profit Partner
    I have an old installation file. The game is to choose the correct flag displayed on the screen that matches the name of the State described at the bottom. The game was made 10 years ago for Android. It is possible to create the game from scratch. The game should have a ranking element that connects to an external database and records players' scores. The game includes a learning version divided into continents and a test version where we can choose from 10 to 100 test boards chosen randomly (every 10). When drawing, the algorithm cannot repeat a given country for selection. Ranking for each module separately. An additional module with the selection of the game on a specific continent, the algorithm draws countries from the continent one by one. On the basis of this engine in the next stages I will commission the creation of a game for learning languages, with the selection of animals, etc. I do not expect elaborate graphics. I am mainly interested in functionality. In addition, I will commission the development of a browser version of the game.
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    Marek Czyżewski 19 deals
    Facial beauty app
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission an application to beautify the face in various aspects; changing nose / ears / teeth / hair / lips etc. In the implementation proposal, please let me know the plan for the technology or a link to a similar implementation
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    An application that will download data from Google and then present it in a certain way.
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    pawelms1 8 deals
    Simple mobile application - geoportal
    Proposed by freelancer
    Mobile App: - Android & iOS - map screen something like (adding pins, points) - administrator (admin panel) will be able to add pins and remove them (as a person e.g. supervisor) - the user does not have to have an account to add a pin (he would have, say, 2-3 to choose from) - to the user by location, will be presented the nearest pins (range for discussion) - creation of privacy policy - ability to add and select photos from the phone to a given pin - selecting a nice visual map, something like car sharing, etc. Attached I add 2 preview images. *Application can be created in no code, as long as it meets the requirements and readable ux/ui :) The key aspect of the first phase is just the map and adding pins. Preferably a person from the tri-city area, but it is not a requirement. It would be nice if the potential contractor had knowledge of doing the project or a previous similar completed project. If there are additional questions for the potential contractor, please ask.
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    Stowarzyszenie wędkarskie staw
    Fishing Association Application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Mandatory functions: User creation of his/her profile, Electronic catch register, Communication module with the administrator, Optional functions: Making payments (blik, other) Generation of e-permit with assigned qr code Geolocation of the user
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    We realize virtual 360° walks in 3dVista software, they are in html5 - javascript form. I am looking for a person who will create an application for android and ios system The application will be an offline 360° virtual tour - it will install on your phone. Sample tour I am interested in pricing for such a service, these are preliminary discussions.
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Job category:
Mobile applications
Expected budget:

5000.00 USD

Valid until:

Job description

We are looking to develop a mobile application using an ionic framework, the mobile application is simple, the mobile app contains many pages and functions so we split the work into stages, the first stage will be the simple stage, almost like a registration form with a login, check the detail below, we have prepared all related parts of the mobile app development, dashboards, database, APIs, and designs, your only job is to use our APIs to finish the app.

Required functions:

- Register/login/forget password. - 9 steps pages, each page containing up to 5 questions. - The final page is to show the QR code. - And the setting page, here you can use the same mobile pages, but instead of Next add 2 buttons ( Save and -Next | Save and Finish). - Check all the screens below.

Operating system:

- The app will use later multi-languages, development must consider this point. - The mobile app design will be handed over to you using Adobe XD. - The only thing that needs user access is to use the camera ONLY. - The app must be secured. - The mobile application must be developed using ionic 6.2.2. - The developer is responsible to support us with Appl and Android accounts, opening, submitting the -application, and publishing, payment will be released only after publishing the application successfully.