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    I will outsource the creation and launch of a simple website for a local care business along with SEO / promotion services. I am also interested in purchasing a domain and disk space and launching the site complete. Settlement by invoice.
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    Language School
    Website for a language school
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission a new version of an existing website for a language school along with a visual identity/key visual (including a facelift of the logo). We require a high level of graphic design, experience in UX design. The website is to have an option to plug in language course purchases with online payments. The designer will have to determine the number of so-called key sub-pages. The scope of work also includes filling the site with content, copywriting and rewriting links to maintain the existing positioning of the site. Interested persons/companies are requested to send an initial offer with their portfolio of completed websites for the consumer services sector. Execution time 60 calendar days.
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    We need help - to make a website for the foundation on WORDPRESS. This is very important and a priority for now: 1. first create this page: 2. make a survey that will accept submissions and send them simultaneously to different places. Transfer data from the questionnaire: - part of the information in table - part of the information in google table - - all information in - connect Mbank API
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    Building a website on WordPress
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will order the construction of the site on WordPress , on the basis of the existing website. Implementation immediately. Those willing, please contact me.
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    Good day, We are looking for a freelancer to create a website for a popular brand. Software does not play a role. What matters is creativity in making the site. The design style is to be elegant and modernistic. The theme of the site is the range of car leasing services along with long-term rental. We count on self-reliance during the design. We will provide more guidelines when we start cooperation.
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    Bis Finanse
    I would like to create a responsive site on wordpress for the financial industry. I have a domain, left the question of hosting. It would be nice if additionally someone creates a logo and graphics for social media. Please send me a sample quote and a portfolio of services rendered.
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    Business incubator website
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website on wordpress based on the template*1llflgf*_ga*MjA1ODQxMzI4MS4xNjUzODM3Njkw*_ga_FTPYEGT5LY*MTY1NjYyMzUzNC4xMy4xLjE2NTY2MjM2MzMuMjU.&_ga=2.184828201.1220351566.1656605546-2058413281.1653837690 Search engine optimization.
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    EIP Dynamics
    UX Designer - B2B portal
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for an experienced UX Designer to create a B2B portal project.
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    Happy Dogs Life
    I am interested in the following sub-pages - I give in the context of functionality, the names will be different: 1) Home 2) About Us / Offer 3) Reviews 4) Terms and Conditions 5) Blog / Articles. I need someone who will guide me through this process and will have no problem explaining simple things. It is also important to me that there is some possibility of cooperation later, so that I have support if problems arise or if I want to make changes. At some point in the site - I would like the ability to have a link to an external system for managing registrations, please. Optionally, depending on cost: a calendar option, where people can choose days when they need services + see my availability. And pay directly from the site - connecting to Dutch payment systems. - I have no idea how to set this up, so I need total help here as well. Currently I am a private person, but this will change from July 4: so I will then need an invoice for the company. Thank you
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    Website of the accounting office
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission a website on wordpress based on the template:*ksxl59*_ga*MjA1ODQxMzI4MS4xNjUzODM3Njkw*_ga_FTPYEGT5LY*MTY1NjYxNTQ5Ni4xMi4xLjE2NTY2MTYyMTcuNTY.&_ga=2. 142953141.1220351566.1656605546-2058413281.1653837690&_gac=1.157810120.1655812274.Cj0KCQjw2MWVBhCQARIsAIjbwoNy_krhAgwKPGA5mQe3mANyw3QeqXslr6oWTtKVFSTbq5X7r1Ser0EaAkAuEALw_wcB Required graphics translation from the template
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Job category:
Web pages
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Preferable skills:
slicing html
web site
Valid until:

Job description


I need a business card type page, which will be:

- Contact form

- Messenger chat (connected to Messenger)

- Gallery/galleries (serving for example as a portfolio)

- Google map

- Marketing tools package (including Google Analytics plugin)

I have a company logo in an electronic version that can be used in the project. It is a graphic file (pdf, svg, ai, psd, png, jpg etc.)

I have my own photos for the website.

I have my own texts for the website.

The site should have sub pages:

Home page, 2. Photography: family, wedding, baptism, event, art, pregnancy - somehow a separate gallery. 3. offer: price list. 4. Contact.

It will have about 12 if a subpage is each gallery.

The style of the site is to be minimalistic, bright. White.

I consider that the most adenwatable colors will be: White, beige,

The sites I like are: (Wordpress, theme: Uncode)

Final Terms:

- The Contractor guarantees to the Client a 3-month post-implementation technical support in which the Contractor agrees to fix, at its own expense, glaring errors that do not allow normal use of the website.

- All rights are to pass to the Principal

- based on CMS: WordPress, (html + php + mysql, responsive website, adapted to modern browsers and mobile devices).

- The website will have Contact Form 7 + Recapchta (Recapchta integration on the part of the Client).

- The Contractor shall create the website on his own server. After obtaining the website address and access to WordPress, the Contractor tests the website for at least 2 weeks. After that time the website is moved and implemented on the client's server.


I don't have to mention responsiveness, mobility and the whole website ready for SEO - we are in 2022, so it's already a standard :)

I am waiting for offers :)

Required features

html + php + mysql, responsive website, adjusted to modern browsers and mobile devices; preparation for SEO

Preferable solution