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    SEO SKY 3 deals
    Corrections - completion of translations in the mobile application - placing the provided translations in files, switching and support for multiple languages is ready - corrections in the mobile application according to the provided description - launch of backend - creation and configuration of the project in Google Cloud, deploy backend - integration with the new sheet - copy of the existing google sheet, change the reference to the sheet in the code Technology - Tablet application - Flutter - Backend - Java + Google Cloud Functions, integration with google sheets
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    UX/UI audit and mobile app redesign.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I will commission a UX/UI audit and redesign of a mobile application. App written in flutter about 10 screens. Please send me an estimated offer and portfolio. Regards, Maciej
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    I need an Android app that after scanning the EAN code (with a reader that will be connected to the phone) will download my Allegro data (parameters, price, photos*, etc) and automatically add the product to the selected Baselinker store. * Photos - as if there was still an option to choose download photos/take a photo yourself, and after selecting the latter option, the camera on the phone would open and the photos would automatically add themselves would be wonderful, but not a necessary option + Alternatively: In the long run, I would like the app to be expanded with pricing features I.e. it scans a few products, the lowest prices are downloaded from allegro, they add up and I have a choice of 10/20/30% and depending on which option I choose it calculates me, for example, 20% of the total of all items. This can also be done in conjunction with BaseLinker where a new catalog will be created in the warehouse under a given title.
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    Magdalena 3 deals
    building a simple mobile application, which consists of taking a photo with your phone and uploading the photo to a directory on the application. I can give more details after acceptance of the project. 3 hours of work max.
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    Android app - a very simple task list
    Proposed by freelancer
    1. the Android application of the To-Do type (very simple task list), to be used on smartphones by a closed group of logged-in users, a maximum of 5. 2. the database of records synchronizes between users in real time (the method of synchronization any, but it must be very stable and reliable) 3. the list of records is arranged only according to the order of creation. Any change to a single record (editing, commenting, etc.) gives it the newness parameter and refreshes them at the top of the list as "new". 4.In each user, only records created by himself and records that have been assigned to him by another user are displayed (assigned records have a record author tag) 5. each record can be edited only by the author of the record (change or delete it) 6) Each record after editing has the ability to add a comment, which will be displayed below the record in the form of an additional line in smaller font. Individual comments are displayed one after another in lines Something like a "shopping list" with real-time synchronization between users and a comment function next to individual records.
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    Young startup - simulator for smartphone
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for someone to produce our vision into a working application. But what exactly do we plan to do? Basically, the idea is simple, but we need to dissect in a personal conversation whether and how to implement it. Anyway, I'll try to summarize it all briefly. We need a kind of simulator for a smartphone that runs on a server and can be operated with a second smartphone via an app. It is important that the simulated smartphone has a working phone number and programs such as Tinder, Facebook, etc. work on it. We look forward to hearing back from you. Also eager with specific price expectations for implementation
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 105 deals
    I am looking for an iOS developer to continue the development of a mobile app. Required experience in iOS 3 years +. 15-40 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40h phase. Kindly contact me.
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    Stock application
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for someone to make a simple inventory application based on one I already have.
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    We are looking for specialists to cooperate on a project called "Histada" - it is to be an internet platform that brings passive income and is gradually updated with new content. The basic principle of its functionality is a timeline with events from the Big Bang at the beginning of history to theories forward-looking. The project is to involve multi-person teams that would be tasked with creating and maintaining the platform. Our technology proposal is Qt, but if programmers and graphic designers argue for the use of a different technology, it is possible to make the platform in any technology. It is important that it is a universal platform that works independently on any computer in the form of an installation, in any browser and on any mobile device. This timeline, along with events and dates broken down by events before our era, in our era and after our era (for example, from 2025) until the end of the world predicted by futurologists and cosmologists, will be available for free. However, materials describing a given event will be made available for a fee in the form of a monthly or annual subscription. Each event will be written in the form of a mindmap, describing a given event or set of events from different perspectives and focusing on specific topics. Each end of the mind map and branching will contain multimedia, graphic, audiovisual content, animations, text, photos, etc., to enrich the perception of knowledge as much as possible. In addition, the platform will allow for quizzes and puzzles along with exercises and repetitions that will allow you to remember the content of the Histada. The platform will be multilingual, as will the exercises, which will enable both world history learning and simultaneous learning of foreign languages. https://histada.pl/index.php?r=survey/index&sid=579555 The link above leads to a survey that explains the topic and if you are interested, please enter your offer and a few sentences how you would like to approach this topic.
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    To begin with a simple application without animation: 8 on-off buttons task 2 temperatures reading 8 temperatures from sensors required data I will prepare in json or other ( a matter of agreement ) Ultimately animation, historical data, schedules. Source codes along with the application transferred to the ownership of my company
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I am looking for a MID or senior Java developer to work on an application in AndroidStudio.

Request for a quote for the month of work with the declared number of hours.

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