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Dawid Cięciel
Dawid Cięciel
Job category:
Music and sounds
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Preferable skills:
promotional video
radio spot
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Job description

I need an audio recording of this text:

Facts are constructed by thought straining towards certain ends, and therefore cannot be separated from the values which have determined those purposes. "Scientific worldview", that means a worldview supposedly derived from purely objective data, is a chimera. Values cannot be derived from facts or reduced to facts; on the opposite, it is "facts" that can be derived from values. Value is logically more primordial than fact, for it gives direction to our cognition and thereby creates an ordered picture of the world, a picture in which there are facts, series of facts, and relations connecting them. In this meaning "value is, so to speak, the birth-point of being"

I need a recording in two qualities

- In the best possible way

-Deliberately distorted, reminiscent of someone speaking on the phone or communicator, example: https://youtu.be/GRLyP7_cqNc

I do not give a price, because I do not know how much such a thing can cost.

I only consider offers with normal pricing (not PLN 1 or PLN 99,999)


Type and length:

2 recordings of the same text in different quality