Interior design of an apartment

Aleksandra Malitek
Aleksandra Malitek
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interior design
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Job description

I will commission the design, selection of materials and contractors to finish the interior of a 3-bedroom apartment based on the requirements of the Principal. Preferably to a student who needs a project for a portfolio, of course for a fee - please ask for offers with a quote for the entire service along with an estimate of the time needed to complete the order, which will include all the activities necessary for this.

Location of the apartment: Zyrardow.

The expected scope of the order:

- for all rooms: support in the selection of wall colors, flooring and doors and baseboards and lighting

- kitchen design

- bathroom design

- Support in finding contractors for the project throughout PL with a focus on the purchase of equipment with installation

- support in finding solutions for additional soundproofing of the apartment against noise from neighbors (top floor, gable apartment), especially bedrooms

- support in finding compromise solutions in the case of disagreements between the owners of the apartment

- Support in planning the layout of the living room and the study

The project should take into account:

- the presence of 3 young and energetic cats

- ergonomic place for cats and Owners for cat things like scratching post, litter boxes, cat walker

- planned installation of multiplit wall air conditioning

- electric floor heating, at least in the bathroom

Style: modern elegance

No possibility of tenant changes.

Apartment floor plan attached.

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