Integration of baselinker store + distributor

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E-commerce maintenance
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Hello we will outsource the integration of baselinker with a distributor.

In the first stage, we want to import products with descriptions and availability.

After successful integration we will commission another integration.

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    ScoobyZoo Marcin Małanowski 4 deals
    Good day. We have been working with baselinker for more than 2 years, we would like to get feedback and implement new automatic actions to improve the company's work.
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    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will outsource the redesign of a Shoper store (can be from a template) and make images of several products and several banners for the store. In addition, permanent cooperation in the above. Later, conducting social media including coordination in recording thematic videos interviews, etc. I am looking for a person from the Katowice area. The store has been in operation for 4 years with a health theme.
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    YouTab 5 deals
    Woocommerce store support
    Proposed by freelancer
    Product base optimization on Woo; sales optimization. in odp please rate/scope of work you offer and experience. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    YouTab 5 deals
    Atomstore support
    Proposed by freelancer
    At the end of January we will implement a new store on Atomstore. Until then, there are many issues to figure out. We are looking for a person who has experience on atomstore. In odp please let me know your hourly rate and information about your experience on Atom. Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Moderna Pool&Spa
    We are looking for an experienced freelancer to help us efficiently add products to our online store, based on the WooCommerce platform. If you are thorough, self-starter and have experience in the e-commerce field, this job is for you! Responsibilities: - Adding new products to the online store according to our guidelines, based on the product list provided by us - Managing product attributes - Checking the correctness and consistency of product data - Optimizing product descriptions and SEO tags using the RankMath plugin Requirements: - Very good knowledge of Wordpress platform and Gutenberg block editor - Experience in adding products on the WooCommerce platform - Knowledge of e-commerce basics - Aesthetic sense and ability to create visually consistent compositions in product descriptions Examples of products in our store:
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    DOLLINA 6 deals
    Hello, I am looking for a person for two assignments who has an idea of what they are doing. Full automation of Shopify-Baselinker with partners (Modivo, Zalando). Rate to be determined. Monthly maintenance of the site for max 500 PLN gross.
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    Good day, We are looking for a person to add all 2700 products to via baselinker. We have everything translated, but in many cases (90%) of the products there are gaps in the marketplace that need to be filled. These are two parameters: ingredients and recommended daily allowance. We have a problem with baselinker listing the products and all our products land in the "error" tab with the "blacklisted" designation. Sometimes re-adding these products gets them accepted. If anyone knows how to solve this problem, of course we pay for such knowledge. I need someone specific who has already processed such a topic. It can be a company or a freelancer.
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    Baselinker - configuration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, we need to improve and configure several things in Baselinker: - checking and synchronizing about 40 invoices with InFakt, - creating a new status and moving orders to it if there is an error in Packaging Assistant, - checking if orders in the status "Packing" have not been canceled or ordered to return the product, - setting product variant selection in the Packaging Assistant, - BLpaczka implementation, - does not change the VAT rate on the invoice adjustment (e.g. issued 0%, should be 23%), - automatic action that sends a fixed PDF file for the product, in addition to the invoice after purchase, - implementation of e-paragon, - generating labels for orders from
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    Adding photos and (descriptions - shortening - reworking) products to the shoper store using already finished files elsewhere.
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    SHO Luxury
    We need help setting up the connection between our data and Allegro, If you have the opportunity to participate in this project, we would be delighted to have any help.