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    We are looking for a programmer/system analyst for mobile application in the Information Systems Department of the Catholic University of America (project employment). The competition is open to individuals who respect the Catholic nature of the University and meet the following requirements: at least one original application placed in the Apple or Google store; 3 years of experience in the creation and development of mobile applications for Android and IOS platforms; Familiarity with the Flutter environment and Dart language; Knowledge of SQL-Lite environment; knowledge of Rest API technologies; Knowledge of infrastructure patterns (MVVM, MVC); Secondary education (higher IT studies preferred); English language (level to work freely with technical documentation). Additional advantage will be: knowledge of SQL, PL-SQL and Oracle Forms&Reports environment; knowledge of Java and Kotlin; Experience in working with WSO2 data bus; experience with Clean Code, Clean Architecture; development of native Android/IOS modules. Tasks: Participate in a leadership position in the development of new virtual employee and student service applications; Collaborate with a team of developers, testers, implementers and analysts; developing documentation
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    Paszka 3 deals
    I will commission the development of a training platform with web access + ios/android. Basic functionalities: -Ability to freely assign permissions to groups of users -Division into sections, chapters - Possibility to add written, graphic content, Video - adding quizzes, exams - adding content in many languages - automatic certificate generation based on the template
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 98 deals
    This app will need to do several things all of which revolve around sending data to and receiving data from our in-house data server. The budget is flexible. We need a full-stack freelancer or an agency to deliver the work end-to-end. Please quote a month's work for the stated number of hours.
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    astral 1 deal
    I will commission the development of an application on the Xamarin platform. The production of the application, is divided into specific stages. The first, is the implementation of login and registration using a ready-made API. The role of the application, is to provide an interface for the user. All business logic, is on the side of the API. Access, along with documentation, will be provided to those interested in cooperation.
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    Filip Wierzbiański
    Hi! We are currently looking for a low-code/no-code development person to help us develop our mobile app. If you have experience with: -AppGyver, -Bubble.io -Adalo, -FlutterFlow or any other appbuilder - get back to us, we need your help.
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    Good day, We would like to commission a mobile application developed in Xamarin environment. The application is already written, the only requirement is a complication for OS and Android. The mobile application for the WoWonder engine was developed by DoughouzLight and was legally purchased on codecanyon.net Before cooperation, we require signing a confidentiality agreement.
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    MkJeden 1 deal
    Service application
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I will commission the development of applications for both leading operating systems. Brief description of features: - Two modes (Two types of accounts, principal and contractor) - Search for principals, also using various filters (e.g. Search from highest rated, city) - account registration - rating system of principals (1-5 Stars, possibility to add a comment) - account verification by phone number - book orders using the calendar in the application. - account "vip" with a special distinction during searches, the possibility of longer booking orders. - highlighting the ad - possibility for principals to add photos to the announcement - virtual wallet (Contractor pays for the service in advance, the money is frozen, and after execution or not, it is transferred or returned to the wallet. Possibility to order withdrawal) - the contractor and the principal confirm in the app that they have arrived and their order begins. - After the service is completed, the contractor in the app confirms the completion of the service, the principal also confirms it. After mutual approval, the money is added to the principal's wallet. - list of favorite principals. - dispute system (panel for moderators (in the application or php on the website) All the necessary graphics, I provide myself. I just need someone clever to make something like this :) time is not very important.
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    ZONDAPV 1 deal
    I have on the computer contracts documents that I would like to sign at the dealership via the phone . When I was at the dentist I saw such a solution without unnecessary printing of contracts , cutting out the woods everything was electronically on the computer and the pen was used as a finger on the iphone display . If necessary I also have an android phone
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    AmetiT 8 deals
    We are looking for a person who would undertake the following order. We are aware that such an application can cost several thousand PLN, but it is not to be an application for corporations only an application that can even be on some ready-made framework. The budget, unfortunately, will not jump. Implementation of the Ordering Party's mobile application understood by: - Mobile application for iOS, Android. - Documentation of the application - Application divided into access for 2 types of users: driver, customer. Application functions for customers: - possibility to register / log in with a phone number as login and SMS verification code as password -possibility to order a course, along with the possibility of booking by date -possibility to order a course, along with the selection of a preferred driver - insight into the history of trips - option to generate/print a fare invoice - integration of the electronic payment system of your choice -management of your data - possibility of defining and saving addresses assigned to your account for faster course ordering - possibility of entering a discount code - possibility of marking points on the map by the administration, which will be displayed to customers and drivers on any maps of the application - in the application 2 methods of payment to choose from: online payment such as TPAY and cash at the driver's place - the driver is not to be able to see the length and profitability of the course before acceptance (protection against dropping unprofitable courses) Features for the driver: - access to customer course orders and the ability to accept a course - access to course history, - ability to charge additional / penalty fees to customers - access to the data of a customer whose ride has been accepted Application functions: - The application must record the customer's GPS location and store the data in the database. - The application is to display the history
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    Travel Agency CRM Pipedrive
    Seeking developer to complete project: Current QR Code Scan feature availabile in Salesforce Mobile app within the Campaign Object (Quck Action Button). QR scan feature only connects with primary device camera. QR code contains unique ID for Salesforce Contact record. When scanned the contact is added to the Campaign object as a Campaign Member. Entry includes date and time of check in. Duplicate scans are blocked with a warning prompt and non eligible QR code scans prompt an error message. Requesting extension of feature to include external scanners for QR code check-in scanning (external scanner SDK available). Supported use cases include wireless (roaming - bluetooth) and connected (fixed - USB) scanners.
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Mobile applications
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Job description


I am a student of Social Computer Science, as part of my studies, I designed a mobile application for Career Angels. We would like it to actually be created, so we are looking for a person who would undertake the task of programming a mobile application.

What is already done:

- the entire UX + UI project (Hi-Fi mockups)

- all messages / texts that should be included in the application

All necessary app behaviors are already designed.

Prototype link: https://xd.adobe.com/view/b8bc4a44-f869-42ff-558a-559abff2aaaf-ce8d/

Password: CareerAngels1

The application is based on the performance of the exercise - the user selects certain data and on their basis, he receives a series of questions from the database that later define the appropriate final message.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Required functions:

in the premium version of the application: online payment

Operating system:

iOS, Android