I will order post-production of videos - educational materials (video course in IT area)

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I will commission post-production of videos - educational materials (video course in IT area).

Materials of several minutes up to 10 min max. They are recorded in Camtasi, so I can provide the entire project in Camtasi.

Full post-production (trimming, creating graphics, inserting subtitles, etc.)

We have our intro ready, we have graphics templates to insert, we provide the texts, so everything basically ready.

We can show 2 videos, which are a minimum version of what the finished videos should look like after post-production. (We did the post-production on our own).

I am asking for a quote for doing the post-production of each video of a few minutes (usually 3-6 minutes).

Overall, the videos will be about 100.

We shoot on a regular basis, a dozen a week.

I think that the post-production, due to the fact that there are very few cuts (experienced person in recording through the camera) and due to the fact that we provide all the materials, the post-production of such a small video should not take more than 30-60 minutes.

Type and length:

100 videos of several minutes (delivered several, a dozen per week)

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