Front-end Developer

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Front-end Developer

About project

· We are looking for 3 people.

· The project is in progress and will last until the end of March (with the possibility of extension).

· The required commitment is 8 hours a day.

· 100% remote cooperation is possible.

· Technologies used in the project: Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, UI Router.

· The project is interesting both in terms of business and technology. It combines a training management program with a program to supplement the current skills of employees. Moreover, it supports the entire recruitment and employee development process. It provides an extensive view of the whole organization, and it also functions like an internal Facebook.

· The product is ready. Currently, a reskin is being made based on the refreshed designs. It was originally written in AngularJS, but we are in the middle of an advanced migration to Angular (9+) with UI-Router providing interoperability between the frameworks. The interface uses the SUIT CSS convention instead of the Angular Shadow DOM view encapsulation, all in responsive web design. Apart from the reskin, work is on the front side in teams developing new business functionalities.

You are The One, if you have

· 3 years of experience in front-end development.

· Proven experience in developing Angular applications.

· Very good knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript.

· Experience in front-end automation and frontend-oriented tools such as: bundlers, npm/yarn, gulp, linters, CLI.

· Knowledge of RWD, mobile first design.

· Knowledge of REST-based API design and development.

· Skills in Unit testing, Integration testing, E2E testing.

· Knowledge of HTML/CSS and pre-processors.

· Practical knowledge of and experience in web security and performance.

· Knowledge of Git and Git workflows.

· Fluent in English, at least B2 level.

Budget: 80 - 120 PLN

Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.



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