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    TikTok of drawing - on 16.08
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who can film a TikTok today 16.08 of the process of drawing an animated character. Requires the ability to record TikTok and basic drawing skills - the drawing is to be a diagram, not a full animation picture.
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    Copywriter - Maksym Strycharz 1 deal
    Hi, I'm looking for a person (not an agency, just a freelancer) to take on the initial setup and then regular optimization of Google and Facebook Ads campaigns from the technical side. The same goes for analytics - Google Analytics 3/4 and Hotjar The goal of the campaign will be to draw relevant audiences to my newly created company website for the sale of a copywriting service. I have an initial outline of buyer persona, service design and a broad marketing plan that includes a customer journey map and a marketing and sales funnel, among other things. Texts and graphics will be provided by me - however, I am anxious to find a trustworthy person to whom I can permanently delegate technical issues that are not within my interests and strengths. I am open to new knowledge, and I want the new member of my team to take the initiative himself and have clearly defined terms of cooperation. I am not looking for a slave who will follow my orders, but a specific person who will have the guts to challenge my ideas and come up with a counter-proposal. The budget I have at my disposal to start is 500-800 PLN per month, not counting the budget for the ads themselves. However, if you can justify why it is worth it for me to pay you more, please write - I will consider reasonable proposals. Feel free to contact me :)
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    Konstantin Kanin 20 deals
    I am looking for a person who will be responsible in VK social network for: 1/ Preparation of content plan 2/ Preparation of posts according to the content plan 3/ Preparation of graphics for the posts using the provided photos 4/ Setting up, running and optimizing advertising campaigns on VK social network 5/ Preparation of materials for advertising campaigns (text + graphics) 6/ Reporting once a month Requirements: 1/ Knowledge of Russian language 2/ Knowledge of the social network VK.com 3/ Knowledge of social media
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    Konstantin Kanin 20 deals
    Requirements: - knowledge of Polish and Russian - light pen -knowledge of social media Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Oskar Milewski 15 deals
    We will commission a specialist to run the company's page on LinkedIn - gaining followers, expanding the correction and improving its visibility. Post min. once a week. Information from Useme: bidding is possible only if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    I will outsource customer acquisition services to a cryptocurrency exchange that is just being established I am looking for customers among wealthy individuals but also business and heads of companies - can be targeted advertising on LINKEDIN, Facebook, Twitter To choose the channel that will be the best There may be another source of customer acquisition not necessarily social media Something that will be effective I will commission customer acquisition services for the purchase of a commercial robot or lease Among customers in the following segment A MODERN TOOL FOR FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS, INVESTMENT FUNDS, PENSION FUNDS, VENTURE CAPITAL, LOAN COMPANIES, BUSINESS ENTITIES THAT WANT TO INVEST FREE MONEY IN A TIME OF RAMPANT INFLATION Maybe the best social media channel I suggest LINKEDIN Ads Website design : https://cryptokantor.mozellosite.com/
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    We are looking for people interested in acquiring for Us companies willing to buy google reviews packages on the company's business card We offer 25 percent on each invoice of a new customer.
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    Website optimization.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission one-off optimization activities - launching Google Analytics 4 - analyzing logs with 404 sub-pages , setting up a redirection matrix and of course removing these errors. - improving / making meta titles and descriptions - completion of headings and possible modification of the text under seo key descriptions - anchors - checking and ordering - alt descriptions of images - increase content on the site under SEO - other important activities as recommended by a professional The remaining important optimization of the site aimed at good positioning. The site made on the template site123. After completion of the order I am open to further cooperation.
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    Predence 50 deals
    Manager of the No. 1 influencer agency
    Proposed by freelancer
    Looking for a social media specialist for a manager position at the No. 1 influencer agency in Poland. The offer is not to run a fanpage or write texts, but to manage a project and sales campaign. Mandatory requirements: entrepreneurship, high degree of communication skills, ease of establishing contacts, proactivity. Experience in a similar position and knowledge of foreign languages are welcome. The message should include "I have read the announcement and I apply". Offers without the clause will not be considered.
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    We are looking for a person to help us with auditing, technical changes to the company's fanpage and optimization of campaigns on FB.
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Seo and social media
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social media
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I am looking for a person to lead and optimize Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns

I care about long-term cooperation.

restaurant industry

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