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    I need a web application from which I can generate tokens for a windows or android application. Additionally, this application is for gsm service. Possibility of creating and editing printouts - e.g. repair confirmation printout, repair card; Ability to freely define fields describing the equipment; Repair coordination by adding notes with different levels of importance; Checking repair edit logs every second. Setting of repair progress, possibility of checking the total repair progress; Access to the program by multiple users, service technicians with different levels of access; Possibility of assigning repairs to service technicians (by the administrator or automatically by the application); Possibility of defining settlements between the client and the service; Possibility of defining equipment templates or automatic selection from the application based on current models; Possibility of defining repair statuses; Ability to configure the numbering of repairs; Access to a dedicated website for checking repair status; bs-ms.pl/company-name/status; Ability to add notes appearing in the on-line service; Barcode support (printing, scanning) in mobile version as well as WIN and IOS; Access to the application platform from mobile(android and ios), desktop(windows and macOS); This application can be obtained after purchasing the site license (so the site must be created). Licenses sold by dotpay or from admin panel provided manually. Licenses for a month. DeadLine is up to 2 months maximum. In addition, the above is a GSM license for the storage of spare parts and invoicing. Sending SMS/Email (SMSPlanet API) repair payment (after attaching the online license payment). Everything is done from the server. To order is also 44 other licenses that have slight changes in service and appearance. More information on prv to present the whole order
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    synthetic models 1 deal
    Xamarin dev to support mobile app
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a Xamarin developer to take care of a mobile application (Forms/Native). Support, bugfixes, etc. Work for mid+.
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    AppsGarden 4 deals
    Android Developer
    100.00 PLN
    Hi, I have a simple Adnroid application to write in Java/Kotlin technology. I am looking for a person available for full time from now. The project is already in progress we need a reliable regular/mid developer to speed up the work. The expected duration of the order is 2-4 months. In order to verify the offers please provide information about the experience (number of years of commercial work as a mobile dev) and the hourly rate. Please provide a quote for a month of work for the declared number of hours.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    I am looking for an Android developer to support a project. Required experience in Android 3 years +. Approximately 15 - 20 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40h sprint ( 2 weeks )
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    I am looking for an iOS developer to support a project. Required experience in iOS/Swift 3 years +. Approximately 15 - 20 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40h sprint ( 2 weeks )
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    IT Technic
    I will commission the creation of applications for Android and iOS - technology of your choice application views design: https://www.filemail.com/d/xexndhmqgxwwlle -connection to existing API (websocket) registration / login: -facebook -google Information views Menu bar at the bottom of the application (with icons): -Articles, Weather, Places & Services, Map, Chat, Market Articles -view of article list -element list -view of article list in category, as above, only from one category -view of a selected article after tapping on a list item Pull-out menu on the left -list of article categories Weather: -View of zoomed-in weather external api -Possibility to set an alert for wind strength etc. Places and services -map: -View of google map or openstreetmap -Top bar with service types -Pins on map with service type icon -After tapping displays a full description with photo,place/service sharings Places and services -List : -Top bar with service type (icons) for filtering service type -Search bar -List view -List view of the list element
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    Anemo Media
    Looking for a person to add some additional features to an existing Android and IOS application. The app was built on Flutter. Please send us your portfolio related to mobile application projects on Flutter. The application itself is not very complicated and there are not many changes, however we offer a high rate, due to the fact that the maximum time for implementation is 3 months. We will send more details to selected candidates.
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    insbud 3 deals
    We have our own software written in QT (www.qt.io) which is compiled for dextopic (Windows, Linux), embedded and Android platforms. We will commission the preparation and release of software for iOS. As part of the order we expect: - compiling a ready (existing) program for iOS (program written in QT in a multiplatform manner, currently compiled for most platforms except iOS). - As part of the above: the preparation of an environment that will enable compilation of the program, preferably in an automated manner - help with the introduction of the application to the App Store under our own banner We have wide experience in embedded and desktop systems. We do not have experience in iOS. We are looking for a person for permanent cooperation, who will help us to implement our software on iOS platforms.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    I'm looking for a mobile app development company to deliver end-to-end project. Great English communication is essential. Long-term partnership.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    The app is an audio and visual stimulator. The main app features are video player, audio/video creation, In-app purchase, and authentication by Firebase. Great iOS and Android development skills are needed. We are a frequent Useme.eu buyer with over 90 successful deals here.
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Mobile applications
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Preferable skills:
mobile applications
web application
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Job description

I have a mobile application for iOS and Android platform integrated with a website.

I need to extend the application with some simple functionalities like:

Registration and login

Roles and permissions of employees

Fields editing

City selection

Knowledge of node.js and Xamarin required

Required functions:

Registration and Login Employee roles and permissions Edit fields Selecting a locality

Operating system:


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  • 3d
  • android
  • angular JS
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Added: on 2022-01-06

Mateusz Malicki

  • agile development
  • android
  • c#
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Added: on 2022-01-04


  • adobe illustrator
  • adobe photoshop
  • allegro
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Added: on 2022-01-03

Jetstream Aviation

  • c#
  • databases
  • html5
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Added: on 2022-01-01

Rashmi Nandwana

  • android
  • api
  • backend
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Added: on 2021-12-30