Edit HTML+CSS+JS code - Online playing cards (Frontend)

Dominik Szafrański
Dominik Szafrański
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Hi, I found this code online: https://codepen.io/fanki/pen/xxwKWJL

I'm looking for somebody to edit it. Here are the requirements:

- Cards lie face down on a stack

- There should be an option to set in a config if opened cards should show horizontally or vertically

- The face of a card should have auto scaled, centered text with 1em padding, background image that is scaled to fit (there will be a watermark logo on each card, that watermark should be in the center so the background image should scale properly)

- Text content of a card randomly chosen from a list in json config

- Back of the card and background of a face of a card should be images from json config. It should scale to fit the card well.

- Only possible to take card from the top

- Cards show up always „above” the stack. Currently when you draw a second card from the stack for example it glitches.

- Always 10 cards visible (infinite stack).

- When a card is discarded - transition so it goes out of the screen to the bottom and disappears (this element should stop existing)

Source code transfer with the copyrights to the code.

Please tell me your price and the deadline. Thanks!

Required functions:

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