CSS and Javascript changes - corrections to the existing website

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Job description

The website displays developer documentation - unfortunately only Discord documentation is displayed correctly. In all other documentation, the automatically generated top menu explodes the top bar of the service.

website address: http://fajniejemy.pl:8095

login: http@http.pl

password: abc123

Scope of work:

1. Scrolling to the right or left of the items on the top bar of the service, while simultaneously blocking the possibility of displaying more than one line of this menu (with links leading to sub-sections of the documentation). If the menu disrupts the visible part of the website, then the display of arrows on both sides of the upper bar (right: right, left: left) moving the menu items to the right or left. Scrolling respects existing expanding menu links with subsequent subsections.

2. The "Search / Previous / Next" buttons are always visible on the right side of the top menu, in the first line (along with the menu items), as it currently appears in the Discord documentation.

3. If the expanded sub-menu does not fit in the visible part of the screen, then at the top and bottom of this sub-menu (and the subsequent drop-down ones) arrows (up and down) should be displayed, moving the visible menu items up or down.

4. Transfer of the external fonts, styles, and scripts to the server - so that everything is available offline.

5. It must be a comprehensive solution - cooperating with subsequent documentation (and not only with those already on the list. These current, example cases contain all the problems, but the point is not to create styles for individual, sample documentation displayed there. The task will be checked on subsequent, automatically attached documentation.

Preferable solution

After determining the financial conditions, you will receive a key to the ssh server running on the container and you will be able to make all changes remotely directly on the above site. Or, you can copy individual dossiers to yourself and work offline. After completing the task, some additional documentation will be generated on the container and the new styles and scripts will be displayed as specified above, the task will be completed.

Required features

As in the descriptive scope of work.

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Tymoteusz Kossek

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Paweł Kołodziejczyk

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