Creation of an application for the Android platform. I expect a broad knowledge of the tags in the AV stream (DAI) from the programmer.

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The subject of the order is to create an .apk file that will run from Android 5.0 to 12.

The application is designed to interfere / react on a mobile device (in real mode) in Dynamic Ad Insertion and all other possible AD tags for several possible variants (due to copyright protection, the variants will be described only in dedicated conversations via Useme).

In the event of a marker appearance, the software is to decide whether to perform an action in the operating system or the further fate of the AV stream.

The earlier reaction will be determined by the end user on the basis of the functions that the application will provide (three possible reactions are anticipated - one of them is the activation of the "mute" function).

Operating system:

Android. Versions 5.0 to 12

Required functions:

mobile version

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Added: on 2021-10-20