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    Preparation of 10 rolls of up to 12 seconds
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a creative person to prepare a series of 10 short videos, each up to 12 seconds long. In each video, the physical therapist will present 3 different exercises. It is important that each video includes clear subtitles describing the steps of the exercises and music plays quietly in the background.
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    Małgorzata Wellness 5 deals
    I need a person to make 10 rolls showing 3 relaxation exercises each presented by a physical therapist. Rolls up to 12 seconds with captions describing the exercises and quiet background music.
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    Coco carbone
    A person to run instagram and tiktok.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to run instagram and tiktok in German. Beauty industry.
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    KUNAGONE 34 deals
    Person to run TikTok channel
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a creative person to provide comprehensive support for the TikTok channel. Our brand is natural wildlife repellents ( Industry: home and garden. We offer products for: martens, moles, wild boars, mice, cats, among others. What we care about: - on setting up a profile on TikTok - on a jointly thought-out content strategy - on recording and editing rolls - publishing rolls - to start: 1/2 a roll a week? - moderating comments and activating the community - on partial handling of messages (specialized questions on our side) More details to be determined individually:)
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    Bartosz | Twój Marketingowiec
    Video recommendation
    50.00 PLN
    I will order a video recording of a recommendation. It is important that the face of the speaker is visible on the recording. I already have the text ready to add to the prompter.
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    Hi, need to make 5 designs for carousels | 5 covers for reels | thumbnails for Instagram | 3 designs for feed suggestions | logo. For this, select brand colors, fonts - mini brand book - all in Canva program.
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    Krzysztofff 8 deals
    I am looking for people familiar with the creation of short video content such as Reel's Reels Tik Toki to cooperate in the marketing support of companies and brands. I am interested in the price for the creation of a single content using entrusted materials (e.g. a small product - showing its usefulness, etc.) If possible, please let me know how the price of such implementation will be. I will need several people for the project I encourage you to submit your offers. Agencies sincerely thank you for your offers.
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    I will commission the creation of two animations and promotional materials for a foundation dedicated to supporting people in crisis and at risk of social exclusion through collections, legal aid and career counseling
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    Wirtualny e-asystent 1 deal
    One roll/report advertising and promoting a store/product. One-time order, however, in plans for longer cooperation - permanent, depending on the results. Order for NOW,
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    I am looking for a person who will create and record content on TikTok for the account of a company in the fashion industry. Sometimes these will be films imposed by the company, and sometimes they will be created independently by the creator. We are looking for a person who is interested in fashion, follows current trends and is up to date with industry information. If you are interested, please send your social media (TikTok or Instagram if you have one) in a private message.
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Social media
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20.00 PLN

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I'm looking for someone to create and organize everything nicely for my meta business, linking to my IG account so I can put up ads.

I used to be able to do ads and dripping on instagram normally, now I can't even log into the panel. I am looking for someone to set up everything for me from scratch so that it works and possibly explain everything. We can do it through AnyDesk, for example.