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    I am looking for a person who will do the integration of a store on Woocommerce with a wholesaler by API, which is provided by the wholesaler. I will provide data to the API after agreeing on the details.
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    coding of the home page, product list and product card
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    WIX store - payment and Inpost
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, we need to add the possibility to choose a parcel machine at the final stage of the order and integrate payu so that you can pay by bank transfer and by blik. Currently wix offers payu integration only with card payment. The order is available immediately.
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    Posfoto 6 deals
    Poszukuje osoby do stworzenia 10 opisów produktów do sklepu internetowego wg wytycznych zamieszczonych poniżej. Mamy bazę pod stworzenie opisów, jest to tekst w wersji basic a naszym celem jest zbudowanie tzw. rich content. produkty - wideorejestratory samochodowe W razie dodatkowych pytań proszę o kontakt. 1. Indywidualny opis produktu (w przypadku braku zamawiamy w naszej agencji copy) - napisany językiem korzyści, - w podziale na 6-10 akapitów wraz z tytułami - 300-550 wyrazów - Format pliku tekstowego 2. Minimum kilka zdjęć produktu, animacje, funkcje produktu - zdjęcia produktowe, lifestylowe lub pokazujące opisaną funkcje - zdjęcia bez naniesionego tekstu - szerokość minimalna 1200px (mogą być większe) - kompresja max 80% - format: jpg; png, psd, gif Pozdrawiam, Agnieszka Głębowicz
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    Wieczorek spółka cywilna
    Inpost integration
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I have created an onlineshop using Wix. I need the shop to be integrated with the search function for parcel lockers from inpost in the checkout process. I added a screenshot of what I mean.
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    Fotograf Bydgoski 2 deals
    Visual frame generator with filters
    Proposed by freelancer
    I want to create an automated selection of picture frames for customers. The idea is to make an add-on practical for customers who want photo or picture frames. It can work as a separate subdomain. It would be nice if I get a notification of what the customer has chosen (summary of order parameters). Are there such online tools for the framing industry in the form of a subscription or should I program them individually? An example and model worth following: [[]] Thank you for your pointers and quotes :)
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    I am looking for a programmer to correctly transfer a store (php5.3, modified osCommerce) from shared hosting ( to another shared hosting. Currently, after moving the service and copying the test database there are problems that need to be fixed: - more complex queries do not work, only simple ones work (probably the database should be imported correctly). Both sites have different versions of MqSql (source hosting is - MySQL 5.7.33-36 , the target is MariaDB 10.4) - nice links i.e. mod-rewrite in htaccess does not work properly - after disabling the register globals (hosting requirement), the service no longer redirects properly to the payment - customers download files after ordering, after moving to a new service, files should be downloaded from the old server (old hosting will be kept to keep files). It is necessary to create a function that will handle this (remote login to the server and copy files to the directory of the client) This is a fairly complete and closed list of things to do. Time to implement the above changes is up to 30 days + max 10 days for corrections. PS. Thank you in advance for any suggestions concerning changing PHP and moving to a higher version (this is not the subject of the order).
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    I would like to optimize my online store for loading speed on mobile devices. The store is based on the shoper platform. The main errors that pagespeed portal shows are: "Eliminate resources that block rendering", "Limit unused JavaScript".
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    Igalo 34 deals
    I am looking for a person / company for permanent cooperation on various orders for two stores based on Prestashop. It is mainly about minor corrections, sometimes there is a module preparation. Currently I need a person who will finish work on the module to create a plate with engraving. It is about the final touches, the company that performed the work suddenly collapsed and left unfinished project (99% has been done), there is basically one thing to improve. Moreover, after finishing the module, I would like to make some corrections / innovations.
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    Online Shop/Boutique
    Proposed by freelancer
    Boutique Women's Clothing, in further cooperation I will give examples of similar stores on which you will need to focus. Additional information is that the store will operate abroad, ultimately Switzerland, this involves the Swiss options for payment, delivery, social media or connection to the checkout system. The basic language is German, but I do not exclude the option of a trilingual store (German, French, Italian). Then promotion, positioning and visibility in Google.
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Online shops
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online shop
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Hello, I have a store on Wix that is in multiple languages. Unfortunately the default search engine only looks in the language of the site, i.e. if I set the main language as Polish, it only looks in Polish, if as English, only in English, etc. Unfortunately the search engine only adjusts to the administrative settings, not what language the user chooses. I would like the search engine to seamlessly jump between languages, depending on the user's choices of what language they want to browse the site in.

Required functions:

Search engine in several languages

Template / individual design:

Modification of the finished website

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