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Connection to an external wordpress API

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Job description

Hi, I am looking for an experienced wordpress developer to create an integration with an external API. I would like visitors to my site, after writing a piece of code (I have this solved via codemirror) to be able to validate it via unit tests. I would like it to be solved in such a way that the user, after writing the code, presses "run", then a request is sent to the API of hackerrank or a similar site where the unit tests are run and the result is returned under the block of code written by the user. The order will not include the customization of the appearance to the theme with this I will take care of myself. Important for me is the security of such a solution. It is possible that in the future there will be a chance for a longer cooperation.

Required features

Connection to API

Preferable solution

The website is based on wordpress.

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