Configuring php on an Ubuntu server

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    Mateusz Doliwa
    Help to configure VPN on QNAP NAS server.
    Proposed by freelancer
    I have a QNAP NAS server, I would like to connect to the server from the position of a computer outside the local network. I'm a total layman in these matters but I managed to read that this can be done using a VPN - I have no idea how to do it, so I'm looking for someone to configure my server for this.
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    Looking to lease a pool of IPv4 addresses
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    I am looking to lease a pool of IPv4 addresses. Lease or purchase.
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    300.00 PLN
    USB-connected controller of I2C and SPI interfaces compatible with Linux need a project for this made for example in Latex
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    Marcin Zdyb 7 deals
    I need an urgent consultation on the topic of moving mail service from cyberfolks to Zoho servers. I mean consultation and check if the configuration is correct + some hints. Expected consultation by phone + remote connection
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    ROCKET.CHAT advanced consultation
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    After an update we are having problems with the performance of the application. We are looking for a person for advanced consulting who knows npm/nodejs better probably than well.
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    Damian.Graczyński 2 deals
    Hello, I run a website that is occasionally subject to DDoS attacks (probably others as well). I am looking for a person who has experience with such cases and would be able to secure the server. To start with, an initial check of the server for basic security vulnerabilities, and then leveling the following attacks.
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Good day.

I will outsource php configuration service on vps ovh server with ubuntu.

The problem mainly concerns the installation and configuration of php for WP. Other services on the server should work without any changes