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Gdańsk or Wrocław (mostly remotely), short-to-mid-term contract (from mid-February or beginning of March till the end of July/August, depending on the project).

You will be responsible for the creation of a high-quality software. However, you won't be working alone. You will be a part of the team where developers, technical architects, business analysts and testers work together. This is because we work in a real Agile environment. We have created our own process, where the crucial aspects are communication and a strong, friendly relationship with the customer. We are also continuously improving our skills and knowledge by means of peer code reviews. We would like you to implement your ideas with us and we are interested to hear your opinions.

We're looking for Android Developers for 3 types of projects. Once you join us, you will have an opportunity to work on one of the projects in full-time or part-time commitment, depending on your availability.

About the projects:

• The engagement is scheduled from mid-February till the end of June or August 2021.

• Ability to work 100% remotely.

• The required commitment is 160 or 80 hours per month depending on your availability. The hours are flexible subject to cooperation with the team and with the client; it is also possible to perform services at weekends if the number of hours and availability for meetings with the client and team are maintained.

• Development of an existing platform related with car industry, retail or bovine genetics - depending on the project.

• Depending on the project, you would be to work in team augmentation model directly with the client or become a part of Objectivity team.

Your role:

• Developing a mobile application based on Android, creating native components.

• Participating in the process of analyzing, designing, implementing and unit testing a new functionality.

• Working in a way that uses the best practices of Scrum and other agile methodologies.

• Providing high-quality programming standards.


androidFlutterjavakotlinmobile applications

Required functions:

existing application, adding new functionalities

Operating system:


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Paweł Stachurski
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Rashmi Nandwana
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