Android Developer

Job category:
Mobile applications
Expected budget:

100.00 PLN

Preferable skills:
mobile applications
Valid until:

Job description


I have a simple Adnroid application to write in Java/Kotlin technology.

I am looking for a person available for full time from now.

The project is already in progress we need a reliable regular/mid developer to speed up the work.

The expected duration of the order is 2-4 months.

In order to verify the offers please provide information about the experience (number of years of commercial work as a mobile dev) and the hourly rate.

Please provide a quote for a month of work for the declared number of hours.

Operating system:


Required functions:

login, registration, video streaming

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Zaremba Mateusz

27 deals
  • android
  • databases
  • iOS
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Added: 15 hours ago

NMS {dev}

  • agile development
  • databases
  • frontend
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Added: on 2022-05-19

Szymon Chaber

  • agile development
  • android
  • databases
  • ... (+10)
Added: on 2022-05-16


6 deals
  • android
  • cms
  • css
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Added: on 2022-05-13

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    Michał Michalski 3 deals
    Hello, we are looking for a person who has experience with android studio. The assignment is to implement a library into a project. Payment immediately after the release of a tested pull request. Regards
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    AppsGarden 4 deals
    Application support and development
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning, I have an app on the store I am interested in an ongoing development and support relationship. IONIC technology. I am looking for a specialist who has min 3 years of experience - mid/regular level, knows IONIC technology and is willing to devote to the project from half-time to full-time. Cooperation on the project at least until the end of the year. Please provide information about: 1. experience 2. availability 3. hourly rate I would like to settle the project hourly FV by useme. Contract every month based on hours worked in a given month. Regards, BW Please, apply only for people who meet the criteria of the contract settlement by Useme, i.e. students under 26 years old or people employed full-time / commissioned with a salary not lower than the lowest national salary.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    Android Developer
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for an Android developer. Time availability 15h- 20h per week. We work remotely. Projects are done in Java or Kotlin. Design and backend will be prepared. We also often work with Firebase. We divide the project into parts. In the field please quote cost for 40 hours of work.
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    I am looking for a React Native developer to support a project. Required experience in React Native 2 years +. Approximately 15-20 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40h sprint ( 2 weeks ) Please contact me.
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    I will commission the creation (and publication in the google play store) of an android application which in the first iteration allows the user to add a customizable widget to the home screen. The data to be processed will be taken from an existing API. Subsequent iterations of the application: 1. free version with ads / paid version without ads 2. multilingualism 3. further development of the application depending on market needs
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    I would like to receive a quote for installing and launching a mobile application for a company offering cab services. The app doesn't have to be original, as it can be a clone of something similar that already works and can be purchased from a legitimate source, such as from the website: Examples of applications that you can use: The most important thing is that the chosen application can work in Polish and can be managed from the administration panel, where it will be possible to add drivers, keep records and account of rides. Additional requirement is access to the application from the client's side with possibility to order a cab, track its route and pay online. The application must work on Android and iOS.
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    DROP TABLE USERS 7 deals
    I will commission to write a library similar to this one. For the Muscula project
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    We look to hire an agency that can provide React Native and/or Flutter developers. Kindly contact me if you have: - good English communication - Project Manager in your team - QA specialist in your team - at least one Senior React Native or Flutter developer on your team
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    Marcin - Inventively Ltd 93 deals
    I am looking for an iOS developer to support a project. Required experience in iOS/Swift 3 years +. Approximately 15 - 20 hrs per week. We are flexible in this regard. Please quote me the cost for one 40h sprint ( 2 weeks )
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    I need a web application from which I can generate tokens for a windows or android application. Additionally, this application is for gsm service. Possibility of creating and editing printouts - e.g. repair confirmation printout, repair card; Ability to freely define fields describing the equipment; Repair coordination by adding notes with different levels of importance; Checking repair edit logs every second. Setting of repair progress, possibility of checking the total repair progress; Access to the program by multiple users, service technicians with different levels of access; Possibility of assigning repairs to service technicians (by the administrator or automatically by the application); Possibility of defining settlements between the client and the service; Possibility of defining equipment templates or automatic selection from the application based on current models; Possibility of defining repair statuses; Ability to configure the numbering of repairs; Access to a dedicated website for checking repair status;; Ability to add notes appearing in the on-line service; Barcode support (printing, scanning) in mobile version as well as WIN and IOS; Access to the application platform from mobile(android and ios), desktop(windows and macOS); This application can be obtained after purchasing the site license (so the site must be created). Licenses sold by dotpay or from admin panel provided manually. Licenses for a month. DeadLine is up to 2 months maximum. In addition, the above is a GSM license for the storage of spare parts and invoicing. Sending SMS/Email (SMSPlanet API) repair payment (after attaching the online license payment). Everything is done from the server. To order is also 44 other licenses that have slight changes in service and appearance. More information on prv to present the whole order