Adding a second file for import in "All import" plugin in WooCommerce

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I have Droshipping on WordPress and use the "All Import" plugin to import the xlsx file. Most of the prices are imposed by the distributor. I would like to change the price of about 170 products to my own because they are on sale at my purchase price (this was the number given by the distributor). Currently, in one file I have checking the inventory and selling price. Currently, I need to break this one file into two. One should check the inventory of all items and, if not, close the sale, and the other should check the sale price, excluding those items that are on sale without a mark-up. Updating files on the Zenbox server on CRONA.

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The project requires only the knowledge of the "All Import" plug-in - creating and running two or three files from one, Excel and CRONA settings in order to update files on the Zenbox server

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WordPress, WooCommerce,

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