A film studio is looking for a 2D and 3D animation specialist to work with it.

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A film studio is looking for a 2D and 3D animation specialist to work with. This is about advanced animation, not simple adaptations of After Effects template, but we do not exclude the use of templates. If interested, feel free to contact me, please link to your portfolio and provide an approximate price for - 1 min. 2D and 1. min 3D. If you do, for example, only 2D also welcome to contact me. Remote cooperation, design,

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1 minute of 2D or 3D animation

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    Ewa Banaszewska
    24 animations for depression therapy
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hey! We are developing an app for self-directed cognitive-behavioral therapy for depression, aimed at adult users (over 18) using smartphones (iOS and Android). Among other things, the app consists of specially prepared modules - 24 sessions, which also include animations. The 24 animations will graphically represent the text version from a particular session. A single animation will last about 4 - 10 minutes, depending on the length of the specific session (the content is already ready). So there will be animations to create, but also graphic elements for these animations (we are partly considering the purchase of ready-made graphics) For those interested, I will be happy to send more information about the project, our assumptions, and we would be happy to know to what extent you could help us
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    EINFO.pl Centrum Reklamy Marze
    Graphic animator 2D, After Effects
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a graphic designer-animator for cooperation (beginner or freelancer in an economical budget), who knows how to do simple animations and montages on his own, among others in After Effect or other adobe program like: https://youtu.be/oC17pIXdWKc The ready-made ones made in programs like Biteable are out, but you can partially support yourself with them, and you can also use templates for animation from envato, for example. The script, screenplay and all the content (movies, music, voiceover, access to envato style banks ) on my side. I do not hide the fact that I have a graphic designer on board, I'm looking for someone to relieve him a bit, so offers from commercial agencies are out.
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    Przemysław Taj
    Creating an animation of the logo in 3D.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day. I am looking for a person who can do logo animation in 3D. The logo should appear from zero to full in a smooth way. Example realizations welcome.
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    Przemysław Taj
    Good morning. I am looking for a person who can animate the appearance of animals. Specifically, facial expressions through movements of eyebrows or eyeballs to give face new, funny expressions. The animal would be recorded on video, the animator would give the appropriate context through facial expressions. If you have any additional questions, please contact me. Example, more or less what is involved: https://youtu.be/CXuZpsZICAk?t=60
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    1000ideas Sp. z o.o. 46 deals
    Animator Adobe Animate
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi :) is looking for an Adobe Animate Animator. It is about creating banners in HTML5. Permanent and project cooperation, remotely.