Now free of charge: fast online payments in Useme

Published on 2020-06-01 by useme.
We know that not only Freelancers care about quick payment processing. You have repeatedly pointed out to us that an additional fee charged by the operator for fast online transactions makes settlement difficult for both parties. In response to your votes, we began to look for another solution.

We are also aware of the fact that the current period may be more difficult for both Freelancers and Clients. At Useme, we understand this situation, which is why we took specific actions:

  • we have waived the commission for contracts concluded on the basis of the order published on the website
  • we have introduced a limit on the monthly commission for invoices issued

and now we are also changing the online payment operator.

Because we want Useme to meet your needs, we decided to start cooperation with Blue Media. This change brings certain benefits for clients and freelancers cooperating with them.

Changes in Useme: free online express transfers and BLIK

From Wednesday, May 27, we changed the rules for handling fast online transfers. First of all, clients will no longer pay additional fees for:

  • payment via fast online transfer (pay by link)
  • BLIK payments

What does this mean in practice? As the payment operator will no longer add its service fees, the customer will receive an invoice without additional costs immediately after the transaction. This is especially important for those of you who need an invoice with a specific date.

Quick payments allow you to post a payment on the day it was made, without having to wait for the booking of bank transfers.

This rule also applies to weekend transactions.
So if you need an invoice, e.g. from the last day of a given month, which falls on Saturday or Sunday, now you can make a quick online or BLIK payment for free and the amount will be credited to our account without waiting for the next business day. Your customer will receive an invoice the same day.

For freelancers, free online payment makes the process of settlement even faster. Thanks to the introduction of a new operator, you can settle the contract in less than 12 hours. All you have to do is issue an invoice in the morning and your payer will pay for it by a quick transfer or BLIK by 13:00, and you will receive remuneration from us the same day.

Online card payments in PLN and other currencies

Changes in fees for express payments on the part of the payers also apply to card payments. Here, the amount depends on the currency in which you settle the work:

  • for payment by card in PLN, the service fee is 1%
  • 1.5% charged for card payments in EUR
  • 2% is charged for card payments in USD Your principal's place of residence and bank have no influence on the payment or the amount of the service fee. If the high costs of foreign transfers at the customer's bank have stood in the way of cooperation with foreign customers so far, take advantage of the alternative offered by card payments for foreign transfers.

New online payments in Useme without fees - summary

Because we care about facilitating remote work for freelancers and their clients, we are introducing a change in the online payment operator from May 27, and with it - changes in the amount of the service fee for fast online transactions.
Now no fee will be charged for ordinary payment by pay by link and BLIK. In turn, for quick card payments in PLN and in EUR and USD, also for foreign customers, a small service fee will be charged from 1% to a maximum of 2%.

Payments made by traditional bank transfer are never charged with additional costs, and the use of the quick payment system is not mandatory.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact us at