Earn more on freelancing jobs: #WorkfromHome with Useme

Published on 2020-05-21 by useme.

At Useme, we believe from the beginning that remote work is the future, which is why we want to give you the best tools to gain new customers and accounting without having to start your own business.

We did not expect that the coronavirus epidemic would accelerate the transition to work from home industries that until now did not even consider such a possibility. On the other hand, we are also aware that the epidemic has called into question the future of companies that outsourced freelancers.

We want to support you and your clients at this uncertain time, that's why we've prepared a special solution during the epidemic.

#WorkfromHome with Useme – contracts without commission

From April 14 to September 30, all contracts you enter into from orders published on our website will be automatically released from the commission. You'll notice this change when you submit your offer.

This means that if the customer just chooses your cooperation offer, Useme will issue an invoice for free and settle the contract. If you work in Poland, we will only make an advance payment to PIT, without our commission.

This applies to contracts with customers for whom you have not previously issued an invoice. If, before starting the #WorkfromHome with Useme, you settled work with clients using the "Issuer invoice without a company", and now the same customer publishes the order to select your offer, we treat such order as a dummy, which our action does not apply to.

Instead of publishing simulated orders,
take advantage of the reduced commission on invoices issued.

#WorkfromHome with Useme - reducing the commission on issuing invoices

We are aware of the fact that the coronavirus epidemic has put many freelancers in a difficult situation, and left the self-employed with the question of whether it is still worth doing business. To help you, from April 14 to September 30, we are introducing a limit on the commission on invoices issued to a maximum of PLN 400 per month.

This means that the commission on the invoices you issue in Useme is added together. When they reach the maximum level of PLN 400, subsequent invoices are exempt from commissions - Useme will traditionally deduct an advance from them on your income tax, but will not charge any additional fees.

Only contracts that we settle to the end, i.e. from which we will pay you remuneration, are included in the pool.

Full terms and conditions of the promotion can be found HERE.