How To Choose The Right Freelancer

Published on 2020-09-22 by Ching Chieh Li.

Every problem can be solved perfectly with a solution. The average length of the recruitment process is 23 days. The HR department needs a lot of time to check CVs, conduct some legal research, and interview with a candidate. In fact, we have one simple solution for the employer- hire freelancers for your project. Hiring a freelancer can reduce your cost, save time from the recruitment, and spend less time with paperwork. The employer only needs to select the right freelancer. The freelancer can finish the work remotely. But how to choose the best freelancer? There is a simple guide to choose the right freelancer.

Providing a clear job description and your exception

Everything starts with a plan. Freelancers can perform the work perfectly but they need to know those details before showing the magic. Writing down the job description as clear as possible. The employer does not need to provide a 1000 words job description. A well-organized description helps you to attract the right freelancer and have a clear plan for the rest of the project. You can take the following elements into consideration:

  • Timeline: Is this a one-time project? Or this is a long-term project? If the project takes a lot of time to complete, you can also divide them into several small stages. The freelancer can finish it gradually and you can monitor the process at the same time.
  • Style: This is especially important for the graphic design project. You may prefer to work with a graphic designer with a certain style.
  • Budget: It is hard to talk about money. 44% of people take a financial topic as the most challenging topic to discuss with people. The fee depends on the length of the project, the experience of the freelancer, and so on. We understand this situation. If you are new to the field, you can also encourage freelancers to propose an offer to you.
  • Team member: Some freelancers provide their service as a team. If you are working with a group of freelancers, check the timeline before the cooperation with them.

Check their portfolio.

Once you post a job offer, you will receive several offers from freelancers. The first freelancer looks just a perfect fit and you cannot make up your mind right away. To understand more about them, you can check their portfolio. The freelance portfolio is the most crucial part of the freelance career. Each freelancer has the best part of their work in the portfolio. Usually, you will find the result of another project, or detail from the previous project in their portfolio. You will know more about the freelancer from their professional portfolio.

Check the message

Besides the portfolio, you can also read their message carefully. Paying attention to the small details in their message. The message shall be relevant to your job description. The offer shall contain sufficient details for example how long they can finish the work and expectation. Moreover, if you leave certain details in the job description, the freelancer shall also contain those messages in their offer.

Check the review from the previous employer

The freelancer should receive a lot of good feedback if they offer high-quality service. You can check the statistics on their profile for instance the number of work completion. The devil is hidden in the details and review from the previous employer helps you understand them even more.

Communicate with the freelancer

People understand each other through communication. Sometimes you may get a more amazing idea from another side. A good freelancer can help you generate more amazing ideas for your project. Feel free to talk with the freelancer and know more about them for instance, you can ask do they have a long term client.

A good freelancer can save your operating expense and help you achieve the goal together. The clear description helps you build and finish the plan quickly. Check their portfolio to find the best candidate for your project. The employer can achieve the goal easily with the freelancer’s help. You will enjoy this process and establish a long-term relationship with freelancers.