Freelancer 102: A guide for building a strong relationship with the new client

Published on 2021-01-28 by Ching Chieh Li.
It is good to meet a new freelance client and work on a new project. However, it takes some time to build a strong relationship with a new freelance client. Trust is built on time. A good relationship with a new freelance client benefits you in several ways. First, a higher chance of being recommended to other freelance clients. As more than two-thirds of freelancers depend on client recommendations for the new freelance works. Second, have stable financial support. It always makes you feel more secure with stable financial support. Here is a guide of having a good relationship with the new freelance client.

Confirm the scope of the work and the rate with the client

It is important to confirm the essential details with the new freelance client at the beginning. The scope of work and the rate are the essential things to know at the initial stages. For instance, the freelance graphic designer has to modify the work after a discussion with the client. He/She may charge an additional fee for the extra modification. Freelancers may also charge an extra fee for emergency work. As you have to move other work and work extra hours for the emergence work. It is fine to discuss the details with the new freelance client. You will be considered as a detail-oriented freelancer by checking these details.

Ask the client's exception of the work

Delivering the best work is the easiest way to gain trust from the new freelance client. You make a good impression with high-quality work. To deliver the perfect work, you need to know their exact exception. What are their exceptions and the need for this freelance project? The freelance project may be simple work for the freelancer, but it causes a huge impact on the client's business. You display the client-oriented side by asking about their need and exception.

Check the timing for receiving the remuneration

The client may send a deposit at the beginning and send the rest of the remuneration after finishing the work. It is hard to find a perfect timing to send the remuneration. Especially when the work is almost finished but still needs some modifications. To make the whole process more straightforward, you can check the timing with the client. In useme, the process is simpler, and please click here. Source of picture:Freepik

Invite the client to your project management tool

Sometimes, clients feel concerned when they do not hear any update from freelancers. They feel worried if freelancers encounter some problems. Check the preferred way and the frequency to receive the update from you. A project management tool is a good way to stay connected with the client. There are several useful project management tools for freelancers such as Asana, Jira, and Trello. You can use several ways to show the process. If you would like to choose a project management tool, please click here. With a project management tool, the freelance client understands your working process without sending an extra message.

Always deliver the work before the deadline

Delivering your best work within the deadline is the best way to build trust. Nothing makes both of you happier than finishing everything early. You cross out one thing from the to-do list, and the client can work on their plan. Do not forget to show your appreciation after finishing the work. You make a perfect ending with this message, and the client has an excellent impression of you.

Bonus tip

If the project is too complicated, you can ask if the client wants to divide it into several milestones. Some projects are very complicated, and every small detail influences each other. You can check how the client would like to divide the work and the deadline for finishing each milestone. You feel less anxious about the complicated work and focus on each important milestone.

Trust comes from the details. The client will always return to the freelancer who makes the process straightforward. The freelance client understands the process by checking the project management tool. You understand the work's exception and deliver the best work for your freelance client within the deadline. You build a good relationship with the new freelance client and ready for more freelance projects.