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Opis zlecenia

We are currently looking for a content manager & creator.

Your primary goals will be:

-Editing existing Website Blocks from our Block library

-Adding new Texts, Images into our Blocks

-Testing existing Blocks

-Creating Preview Images for mentioned Blocks


You need to:

-Speak & Write excellent in English

-Have medium or advanced knowledge of Excel or Google Spreadsheet

-Know how to use graphic editor programs

-Have a good taste, design skills

-Be able to learn & adapt fast

-Have a Gmail account

You don't need:

-Programming Skills



<- current Blocks which need your help.


<- a more detailed list of tasks for you to get started


<- our Homepage, if you are interested what we do...

Miejsce wykonania:

Finishing up 16 Blocks.

Wymagane funkcje:

Finishing up 16 Blocks.

Zlecenie w liczbach:

Finishing up 16 Blocks.

To zlecenie nie ma jeszcze ofert.