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We need help with the integration with ZALANDO.

I have a basic question , have any of you gone down the path of integration with zalando in the Beauty industry ?

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Experience with integration with Zalando

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Speedev Software House

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    Piotr Chabros
    1) Help with installing docker on the server, we are using Ubuntu and it is currently throwing errors when trying to run docker, 2. configure deployment, we are using github actions and would like us to configure them so that applications are deployed using docker 3. create dockerfile and/or docker compose containing front and back applications and database Form of collaboration - online consultation with screen sharing.
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    Cube agencja marketingowa
    Advanced Google Sheets
    Proposed by freelancer
    I'm looking for a person to work with to develop a Google Sheets system to assist with company management. For starters, need help modifying a company budget document where a summary per sheet (dashboard) needs to be pulled from multiple sheets (months) with multiple dynamically changing ranges of rows.
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    Marcin Lesiński
    Inductive charger with up to 30 mm range
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day, I would like to commission a design of an inductive charger, which will be able to transmit current over a distance of at least 30 mm. The device is to be powered by 12 or 24 V DC, the issues of coil sizes and device operating parameters are arbitrary, the only element to which the design should be adjusted is the receiving coil, which we already have selected.
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    W 7 deals
    I am looking for a person who: - will set up the GTM account from scratch + will connect conversions under contact forms, phones - will check the current Analytics settings and make any corrections to correctly count conversions - will advise on the missing conversions that are made by the store and are not in Google Analytics
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    We are a small company, implement in the first stage the sales department 4 people, in the second stage the remaining people ( max 10).
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    Zajujemy się obsługa informatyczna. Z racji dużej ilości klientów, szukamy podwykonawcy na dluzej. Co ważne z terenu Trójmiasta lub okolic. Czasami trzeba podjechać do klienta. Zadania to bierzace wsparcie informatyczne od drobnego helpdesku po ustawienie serwerów NAS, praca na sieciach. Zakres i wynagrodzenie do ustalenia. Preferowana długa współpraca.
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    Firma informatyczna z Gdanska, Poszukuje specjalisty IT do obslugi informatycznych firm. Mamy sporo firm pod opieką i potrzebujemy dodatkowych rąk do pracy. Na ten moment nawiaze współpracę z jednym freelancerem. Ilość godzin do zlecenia w miesiącu do ustalenia. Wymagamy jednak aby była to osoba z Trójmiasta, bo czasami trzeba fizycznie pojawic się w firmie
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    THE FIRST Sp. z o.o. 2 deals
    I am looking for a graphic designer to design a website. All details I will give to selected people. I want to take long-term cooperation. Knowledge of wordpress is welcome.
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    YouPromo 34 deals
    I will order installation and configuration of server for mailwizz script. I have a total dedicated, but I am not sure if the server on which the site is running will be a good solution. Therefore, a person who is additionally familiar with e-mail marketing is welcome.
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    Web Analyst
    140.00 PLN
    As a Web Analyst you will be involved in implementing best practices in understanding on-site visitor behavior and experiences to better understand its users, and reporting back with easy-to-understand data visualizations and clear solutions. The role plays a critical centralized function through working with front-end developers, analytics professionals, and businesses. The Web Analyst at Displate leverages novel cloud technologies and tools to robust, scalable, and reliable tracking solutions for business optimization. Key Responsibilities: - Owning measurement plans and ensuring the website is correctly tagged and web data collection is working as designed - Collaborating with members of the reporting, digital, marketing, UX, and product teams to provide actionable insights on the performance of digital channels, marketing campaigns, and website funnels - Providing insights on improving the sales funnel, customer LTV, margin, and much more - Improving the way the data is captured, processed, and transferred within web analytics tools and services - Creating data visualizations to present analytical findings (Power BI preferred, but experience with other tools is good to go) Requirements: - minimum 3 years (mid) or 5 years (senior) professional experience in the field of Web Analytics or developing analytics tools for tracking user behavior - Practical knowledge of GA, GTM, SQL - Good understanding of Document Object Model and HTML/CSS - Practical experience in JS for web analytics (senior, for mid: nice-to-have) - Openness to learning new technologies and cloud platforms - Analytical thinking, inquisitiveness, and attention to detail - Strong verbal and written communication skills in English