Writing mini-articles about Java and the technologies around it.

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I am looking for a person for permanent cooperation who wants to develop in the Java environment.

Working as a copywriter, but from the very technical side. You write, and you also learn.

What topics:

Spring, Webflux, Microservices, CI / CD, and other Java technologies.

What do you get:

Systematic learning. Plus money.

What will you do:

Writing technical mini-articles without spilling water. You get a topic related to Java programming or programming related. You get the sources or search for the best information on the subject. You describe in a short, simple, fun-to-read way. With cool examples. That's it.

How do we work:

  • work completely remotely,
  • in the asynchronous model (you keep the agreed deadlines, but you work when you want / you can).

Did this interest you? Any questions?

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Postscript Useme: Please quote the month of work for the declared number of texts

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