Wordpress WooCommerce - API - passing data from form, customer statuses to partner.

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    PanPomidor 3 deals
    Hi, we are looking for a web designer with whom we can consult on the design of our website. We are in the process of changing it, but we are not sure of its direction. We want it to be more minimalistic and consistent. We want someone to comprehensively advise us on what changes we should make, and what the different sections should look like. The site we are working on: http://pomidor.7n7.pl/ Information from Useme: bidding is only possible if: - possession of a valid student ID card (for pupils/students up to 26 years of age) - a confirmed statement of full-time employment for at least the minimum wage - having a business activity
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    Polytrade 2 deals
    API - upload xml and xls files to DeepL account for translation
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    Rocket Studio
    Mobile app audit + backend
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person(s) who would undertake a mobile application acceptance along with the backend. The task is to verify that what has been done will be suitable for maintenance and development. Does it not use closed libraries, etc.
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    Polytrade 2 deals
    Converting an xml file to xlsx.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Converting xml file to xlsx. Urgent issue.
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    MonikaMpire 2 deals
    Good day! I am looking for a person who would undertake the preparation in HTML mailing from the attachment. The client uses outlook, as an email client, from which the mailing is later sent, so here the most important thing is that everything displays correctly. The newsletter can not be inserted as a .bmp, the ability to edit the text is needed. A survey is to be plugged under the button first - it will be 5-7 open-ended questions that a person must complete to move on. After completing the survey (we do not assume major restrictions on the number of characters, as long as they are not empty, so such messages will also be necessary) and clicking "save" a video of several minutes is to play (suspended at our server). Deadline: as yet undetermined, but I think that for our part we will be ready with the materials at the beginning of December and then by the end of the year we would like to be able to send it.
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    MonikaMpire 2 deals
    Good day! I am looking for a person who could prepare for me a ready-made mailing in HTML. Layout very simple (attached) and from it 5 mailings, for 5 language versions. It is not a matter of inserting the mailing as .bmp, the text is to be editable. For our part, we can send the files in .ai or .psd. The client sends the mailing in question via outlook business mail, so surely for this mail client everything should display correctly. Completion date: preferably by the end of the month (30.11.2022).
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    Weblance - Kamil Wojnarowski
    We need help configuring DNS servers on directadmin. We're looking for someone who knows this really well
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    Bluemedia integration with Shopify
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    pc-data.pl 1 deal
    I will commission a script that will generate a report with data that we are interested in : -all purchased items on allegro portal -the number of the invoice issued for a given purchase, the amount of the purchase, the company which issued the invoice The report will be passed to the accountant to whom it will be much easier to keep an eye on all documents
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    wirtualne-spacery.pl 66 deals
    I want to move my projects - html5+javastctipt (3dVista) virtual walkthroughs to Amazon 3S services, domain, wordpress website, php, mysql + project hosting domain.pl/naproject I would like to transfer all this from my VPN to s3, I am looking for a person who will perform such a service for me.
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Meddtech LTD
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Other IT services
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Job description


I am looking for someone to connect the partner API to our store on WP to exchange statuses about customer actions.

The partner redirects the customer to a page on WP.

The customer fills out a form which is saved in the WP database

Then the customer has the opportunity to order a specific package of products

and the partner needs to have an overview from the time the form is filled out to the status - delivered.

I have API documentation from the partner.

I need the services ASAP.

Required functions:

API shop -> partner

Place or location: