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I am working on a listing website for selling food with up to 70% sale and need your help. I’m using a MyListing theme and need someone to help me implement couple of changes to a website.

My website url is http://foodhide.pl , password to preview the site is 11111

I need to do two things for now:

1) As you can see on a map (http://foodhide.pl/mapa/) I’ve added some restaurants as listings. Each of these restaurants will have their own menu added through WooCommerce (the first tab called “Dostępne posiłki” is working like a menu when you choose a restaurant).

So, I would like to add some kind of filter so that restaurants that don’t have any available products in menu would have custom bages that shows how much of products left (i.e. “only 1 left”, “2/3/4 left” and “5+ left”).

I also want to have a custom filter that sorts restaurants depending on the same criteria showing restaurants with more available products first (including location +- 20km so that it won’t show restaurants in. other cities in future)

And let’s make one more thing here.

Restaurants on a map that have no available products should have a red background of their category so that people can clearly see which restaurants have products in stock today by scrolling a map.

I’ve made a preview so you can see how I would like it to be (screenshot 1):

2) When you enter a listing, you can see a default WooCommerce product list which looks awful (i.e. on http://foodhide.pl/listing/chicagos-pizza-ursynow/) (screenshot 2)

I’ve made a custom WooCommerce list page that I would like to use instead of this standard one using Elementor (http://foodhide.pl/sklep/) and want it to be placed instead.

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