Websheet - UX Designer - Template Configuration made easy

Preferable skills:

UX design

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Job description

We are looking for a UX Designer to help us rethink how our Spreadsheets - Website Templates so that they can be the easiest way configured by a user with no Web design or Google Spreadsheets experience. The goal is that a user uses our template and reshapes it to his needs.

At Your disposal, You will have all the styling options a google spreadsheet gives You. You may add, rename cells, add notes or create new sheets. You will need to have experience with Google Spreadsheet Formulas.

You can review our current Templates here:


Request for a quote for the month of work for the declared number of hours.

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Required functions:

Google Spreadsheet Expert, UX Design, Web design

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added on 2021-02-02
Rashmi Nandwana
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added on 2021-01-27
Web Developer & Designer 41 deals
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added on 2021-01-26