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Online analytics
Expected budget:

50.00 EUR

Valid until:

Job description

We are currently seeking a researcher in Poland who possesses exceptional proficiency in acquiring contact information for a Korean- beauty wholesaler.

We are running a B2B platform where global beauty retailer can purchase a Korean-beauty product.

Our project’s target country is Poland and we are looking to collect a retailer’s information who wants to purchase products from us right now or has the potential to purchase our products in Poland.

The ideal candidate should possess a background in performing online research and employing a variety of tools and methodologies to procure precise and current contact details. We will give you a specific detail which this work should encompass.

The first project is 50EUR for 200 exact pieces of information. If you have good accuracy and quality of the search results, you can become a fixed partner with us, and the cost per project could be increased.

Relevant Skills(Nice-to-have):

- Proficient in online research

- Well-versed in web scraping

- Demonstrates proficiency in contact verification

Duration: 1 week

Expertise: Intermediate

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