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    Marek Daniel 3 deals
    Laravel programmer to work with
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person for 7 revisions of an existing website. Time estimation ~5 hours. Requirements: - Git - Laravel - Docker
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    Szmit Piotr 40 deals
    Google Analytics 4 implementation
    Proposed by freelancer
    We realize that the current version of Google Analytics 4 is not yet a final product and is not suitable for use as a primary web analytics tool at this time. We are still using the current version of Google Analytics until July 2023 as the primary source of analytics but we want to simultaneously implement Google Analytics 4 to collect data. This will allow us to compare data year-on-year after we switch to the new GA in July 2023. Shoper has already prepared a plugin to accelerate the implementation of GA4. Please send me a quote for the implementation of Google Analytics 4
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    Simple programming task- beginner level
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hello, I am looking for a person who can write some programming tasks. Tasks of this type are: 1. write a program implementing the NWD (Greatest Common Divisor) algorithm. a. The program should be a console application b. The program should display each step on the console to supervise the correctness of the software operation 2. implement the classes describing the prepared domain model for Exercise 1 a. The program should allow simple addition of a car ride for N people I would like to ask for information with the deadline for the above task and the cost.
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    INER Polska 2 deals
    For a site based on wordpress with Civicrm plugin https://civicrm.org/ with integrated online payments tpay - improve the problem with payments. Currently payments to tpay go through but in crm the transaction shows but confirmation from tpay does not arrive. I recorded a short video of how it looks I know that not very professional. https://youtu.be/I6mFTSPZAEY for this we can still order some additional tasks
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    Bot to shop online
    Proposed by freelancer
    bot to shop at the online store sklep.tauron.pl
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    RW ADVERTISING 9 deals
    OCULUS + AR VR application programming
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am requesting a quote for programming a VR + AR presentation in which you can view the sculpture from all sides. The sculpture attached to the request. Presentation in neutral scenery, or at the location of the planned exhibition, i.e. Szymanski Park in Warsaw's Wola district. Implementing it into metavers or Mozilla hubs. VR VERSION - after putting on the headsets, the scans are to be visible as a sculpture group set in the same way as in the visible version of the sculpture, however we would like to make a swap of one character (character_4) for the A version scan. The size of the figure is 1:1 scale + 10% - hedadset Oculus Quest 2 - 256 GB, computer Win10_Pro_G4M3R 500 i7-9700K/32GB/960/W10X/RX5600XT - was it possible to present this VR event on headset alone without computer and in option with computer. This may require 2 versions - lighter and heavier. Gold colored sculptures. AR VERSION - Presentation on a tablet of the entire sculpture layout - ipad pro 256 GB For those interested, I will send finished scans of the sculpture in ply format. Deadline for completion no later than July 20.
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    I am using the library https://github.com/asocial-media/allegro-api to modify Allegra auctions. But unfortunately there is no PATCH form in the library, and I want to modify the shipping time for an auction. I am looking for someone to add the PATCH communication form and using /sale/product-offers/{offerID} to modify the shipping time of the auction, handlingTime value. I tried to do something on my own, but without success.
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    Bartosz Gaca 4 deals
    I will order a SQL report for subiekt nexo containing: 1. Symbol 2. the inventory as of today 3. the date of the first delivery of a given symbol (PZ) 4. date of last delivery of a given symbol (PZ) Below a similar report from GT: select 'symbol' = t.tw_Symbol, 'name' = t.tw_Name, 'manufacturer' = k.adr_Name, 'card price' = isnull(c.tc_CenaNetto0,0), 'ost purchase price' = isnull(o.ost_price,0), 'state' = s.st_State, 'warehouse' = m.mag_Name from dbo.tw__Commodity t left join dbo.vwCustomers k on (k.kh_id = t.tw_IdProducer) inner join dbo.tw_State s on (s.st_TowId = t.tw_Id) inner join dbo.sl_Magazine m on (s.st_MagId = m.mag_Id) left join ( select mr_TowId, mr_data, mw_data, ost_price from ( select mr_TowId, mr_data, mr_id, mw_data, ost_price = isnull(b.mw_Cena,0), rn = row_number() over (partition by mr_TowId order by mr_data desc, mr_id desc, mw_data desc) from dbo.dok_magruch a join dbo.dok_magwart b on (a.mr_SeriesId = b.mw_SeriesId) where (a.mr_Id = a.mr_seriesId) ) x where (rn = 1) ) o on (t.tw_Id = o.mr_TowId) left join dbo.tw_Cena c on (t.tw_Id = c.tc_IdTowId) order by t.tw_symbol
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    dawidkreator 2 deals
    Good day, we need Woocommerce integration with Comarch Optima.
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    CVR | Gabriel
    Programming VR simulators in Unity3D
    Proposed by freelancer
    We are looking for a gameplay programmer who, based on ready-made scenarios and 3D models, will script and implement interactions within a given simulator. Project in progress, employment for a minimum of one month (full time). Unity 2021.3 VR Interaction Framework URP GIT
Virtual People
Virtual People
40 deals
Job category:
Desktop/web applications
Expected budget:

Proposed by freelancer

Preferable skills:
web application
Valid until:

Job description

We are looking for a programmer, HTML, PHP, CSS, JAVA for a permanent cooperation, specializing in the implementation of dedicated solutions for websites.

The main area of ​​activity:

Website development

WEB configurators

WEB API integrations

Implementation of payment systems

Creation of advertising services

dedicated CMS solutions

If you start working with us, you can count on working on interesting projects (often for foreign clients) and continuous development of your skills!

Job description:

Creation and development of dedicated websites on dedicated layouts implemented for our clients,

Remote or on-site work in a modern office


Good knowledge of HTML, PHP, MySQL, CSS, JAVA

Experience in working with WEB projects

Basic knowledge of SEO optimization

Ability to implement websites on a dedicated layout (PSD or Adobe XD project)


Knowledge of WordPress, Shoper, Presta

Experience using ASANA, Github

Teamwork experience, knowledge of the concept / operation of pull request / code review.

Knowledge of English languages ​​- is not required, but will be additionally rewarded

We offer:

Creating solutions for startups and foreign clients.

Salary depends on skills and experience.

Flexible employment model

Stable and developmental work in a young team

The company's location in the center of Szczecin

Work available immediately! We are currently looking for support for existing and new projects.

If you have made it to the end, we can assure you that it is work on human terms, for a predetermined remuneration, in a young and friendly team!

Please estimate the working hours and working month for the declared (possible to delegate) number of hours.

Required functions: