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I am looking for a contractor for a simple web application that uses the Binance API https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#change-log

The concept of the app - we make a transaction (buy / sell order) on one Binance account, the system listens for changes and if it detects changes, it runs the same order on other connected Binance accounts via API.

MVP - version with basic functionality to start.

Administration via a simple web panel (possibility to use any Material type frontend framework).

Ability to add users. We distinguish 2 types - the "superuser" user who is being 'cloned' and the "simpleuser" users, on whose accounts the movements are duplicated. I suggest adding an invisible value to users of type 2 (which user is cloning).

Administration will be performed only from the superuser, simpleusers will only be able to be added / removed / edited by the superuser. Simpleuser cannot log in / has no account etc. It is a virtual user only for saved API keys.

Ability to check if the given API keys are correct.

The bot listens on the Superuser account (on the Binance exchange) for new spot orders (cryptocurrency purchase / sale orders). When it detects a new order, it copies movements to other accounts (movements are to be copied as a percentage, i.e. a superuser opens an order in the amount of 10% of their portfolio, then in copying users a position for 10% of their portfolio value is proportionally opened on their accounts.

Each order is launched asynchronously.

The ability to block a user. A blocked user does not have any copied moves. The ability to easily unblock the user, e.g. by selecting the status.

Preferred individuals with experience in similar order types or with experience working with the Binance API.

Required functions:

API Binance, Python

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Michał Lewandowski

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Added: on 2021-09-28
Added: on 2021-09-27

Patryk Organiściak B2B

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Added: on 2021-09-27


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Added: on 2021-09-25


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Added: on 2021-09-25

Eagle Code

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Added: on 2021-09-24