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    Dariusz Mrugowski
    Script - data collection
    Proposed by freelancer
    I will commission to write a simple script to collect data when it is launched. (Clicking on the link). After clicking on the link and collecting the data, a page or message is to be displayed telling the user to contact the IT training department. The data to be collected is the IP address, the name of the currently logged-in user (Win10/11), date and time. The data can be saved in a text or XLS file on the server.
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    Construction of a large portal
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning. I am looking for an ambitious and interesting team/person to make a large web portal. We are interested in creating a project from scratch, preferred languages are JavaScript and Python
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    Python programmer
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good Morning. I am looking for a programmer who could undertake additional work in the maintenance and modification of a web portal. The website is based on Python and Django.
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    I am looking for a contractor for some interesting assignments. To do graphic design of the system and mobile application in figma , and later implementation in bubble.io.
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    MW Logistic 5 deals
    Good day, we are looking for frontend specialists from 1-4 people at the beginning full-time (full-time) to develop/rebuild the platform biore.pl , initially for a period of several months - permanent cooperation possible. Below are the technologies we use: ReactJS 18 Redux Babel Webpack SASS Bootstrap 5 Helmet Autobahn JS (WAMP) DigitalSystem based on Boostrap + very important for us are web vitals e.g. Google (web vitals) If the cooperation will be fruitful we will be happy to extend it with backend developers. We have a fullstack senior at our place, who would lead the team and receive the written code. Please indicate the dates from when this is possible and whether you have such specialists and their rates/form of billing and teleo contact Greetings Piotr Sliwinski MW LOGISTIC / Biore.pl
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    Hey. I need a program that will copy the names of all users in a given group from telegram. Is it possible to do something like that?
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    bot/monitoring program
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day. I will commission a program/bot that monitors the appearance of an item I am interested in on popular classifieds sites. It is to consist in the fact that I will be immediately informed with a link to the ad that matches my criteria. What matters is response time, accuracy and stability of performance. More by phone, email or gadu-gadu. Greetings
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    LebkiHarry 3 deals
    Scraper for a price comparison engine
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day! I will commission to write a scraper for a price comparison site of certain services. I will provide more information to interested parties on priv.
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    pcholewa 2 deals
    I will order the creation of a desktop application that will be responsible for printing receipts on fislane printers. The application should query a specific url which returns a list of receipts to print.
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    Input is x zip files. Files to be unzipped with password. Each file named by name. Windows environment. Operation of the script. We place the script manually in the directory with the zip files. After running, the script asks for a password (each file has an identical password) and unzips the zip files, each to a separate directory with a name identical to the zip file. Inside the directory, after unzipping, there is one pdf file and one docx file. The script then deletes the docx file and retrieves the recorded date and time from the contents of the pdf file (all pdf files are based on the same form, so identifying the field to read is made easier). The script then renames each directory, adding the date and time read from the pdf before the previous name. Finally, the script deletes the zip files. Any script environment with emphasis on something simple, such as python. The order should include the source code and, if necessary, compilation instructions after any subsequent changes.
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Job category:
Desktop/web applications
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Preferable skills:
react native
Valid until:

Job description

Simplified technology stack:

- MERN stack - is an acronym for MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, and Node.js

- Front-end React

- Node.js back-end with Express.js overlay and MongoDB database

More details for people who are interested in cooperation, probably long-term.

Required functions:

website development