Wanted developer to create a web platform. The platform is to work on the principle of a blog, but is to have in addition three modules unusual for a blog - creating and passing quizzes.

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Wanted developer to create a web platform.

The platform is to work on the principle of a blog, but is to have three additional modules not typical for a blog:

Blog module:

Registration and login of two types of user - author and general user.

The author has his own subpage - a business card where his materials are presented (quizzes) plus discussion under them, filtering by different criteria.

A general user can pass quizzes and comment, search.

It should be possible to have a discussion under each material with the possibility of moderation and blocking members from commenting, deleting comments, setting whether commenting should be possible without logging in

Authors have tools to create:

(a) quiz interactive video. The idea here is to load a video (from YT) into the embedding, to which the author can add questions (single choice, multiple choice, matching, arranging items in order, true-false), which will be displayed at the set time of the video. After a wrong answer the video goes back by the set time and gives a second chance (another question). For this there must be an interface when creating to make it easy to do. Stories are saved to display statistics. It should also be possible to add a "preamble" and feedback and a prize (nested video upload module, gif, graphic, link to a playlist, text only, audio.

b) "Ordinary" quizzes - choice questions, true-false, matching order, anchored with graphics, adding feedback, reward, preamble. (see www.quizlet.com for an example)

c) Live quiz (kahoot!) - the quiz is run on a computer screen (in the classroom on an interactive whiteboard where students can see the questions) and students provide answers on their cell phones (after entering the quiz pin) - and on the screen they can see live who answered how, what the ranking is.(www.kahoot.com)

More in the file

Required features

registration & login blog quiz commenting on moderation & blocking sharing The rest of the description in the attached file.

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