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    Process and edit YouTube tutorials.
    Proposed by freelancer
    Obróbka trzech tutoriali na YT
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    BMP 1 deal
    We will commission one advertising roll initially, presenting the offer of a company in the ERP systems software industry for the Accounting Office in the form of a short speech of an actress/actor with embedded effects (sound, visual). The ad will be used in social media Facebook / Instagram for the following purposes: paid advertising in the Meta advertising system + re-marketing. On our side: - Providing text (about 170 words) + company graphics, product graphics On the contractor's side: - Obtaining an actor/person presenting the offer, - Video recording, - Adding subtitles (content of messages), - Recording of audio track (content of messages), - Video editing. We are committed to a professional approach and high quality recordings, both video and audio. You are invited to submit offers. Please present your portfolio and deadline for completion. After the project is completed, there is a possibility of permanent cooperation.
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    Youtube video editing, Facebook, Reels
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    I am looking for a person to edit 1 video package per week in the following formats: 1) 1x 8-15 minute Youtube content (16:9) Example: 2) 1x the same material in 1:1 format Example: 3) 7x vertical material (9:16) for rolls and Youtube shorts - max. 60 seconds Example: I will provide: -Webcam video footage 1 -Webcam video footage 2 with audio track from Ulanzi J12 lavalier microphones -Font, logo Recorded video footage is up to 15 minutes in length It is important to generate subtitles for the dialogue, which are visible on the screen at all times.
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    Mikołaj Królik 7 deals
    Hi, I'm looking for a person who would be willing to edit videos for the YouTube channel on a long-term basis : @fromprojectbuilding. For now the videos are published 2 times a month. But in the near future we will publish 4 times a month. The channel will feature 3 presenters with different content and topics. The video material as well as photos for thumbnails are provided by us. We work on Adobe and that's what we want to stay with. I am also considering the option of expanding the cooperation and Shorsty and TikToki The videos we will publish are 8-17 minutes + thumbnail + the aforementioned shorts.
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    Meddtech LTD 19 deals
    Videos for the stick sunscreen brand
    Proposed by freelancer
    We will commission the production of 3 advertising rolls, presenting the offer of sunscreen creams in a stick. The ad will be used to promote the brand on Instagram and TikTok. On our side: - brief, - providing cosmetics for the footage. On the contractor's side: - creating a script and sending it for approval, - video recording, adding subtitles and editing with sound. Preferred setting: beach. Please send your offer and portfolio.
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    Katarzyna Szafraniec 5 deals
    I will commission a commercial video for a hair curler - specifically one of these products: The video, when edited, is to be 1.5 minutes long The video is to present the products, how to put it on the hair and the effects after curling. We provide the product for presentation. I am waiting for offers - please have a portfolio or send in a widomessage examples of implementation.
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    We will commission 7 rolls of advertising, presenting the offer of a real estate company in the form of a short speech of an actress/actor. The advertisement will be used for: re-marketing + paid advertising in the Metaplatform advertising system. On our side: - Providing advertising messages for up to 7 rolls. On the contractor's side: - Acquisition of an actor/person presenting the offer - Recording the video - Adding subtitles (content of the messages) - Recording of audio track (content of messages) - Video editing We are committed to a professional approach and high quality recordings, both video and audio. I invite you to submit an offer for the realization of this order.
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    Video editing - social media + YT
    Proposed by freelancer
    Hi, I am looking for someone to cooperate in editing videos. This will be a series under a specific topic, so I am looking for long-term cooperation (min. 15 videos). I need the first material already for May 29, so I care about specific people. My expectations: - the same intro on each (I already have an overview one in Canva) - introduction of clear content - videos unfortunately recorded vertically so, taxwise will have to be adjusted under YT - publishing on IG, TT and FB - here the dimensions are the same - applying automatic captions. Videos will be from 5 to a maximum of 10 minutes. I provide grouped materials that may require light processing: stabilization, turn up the sound :) Please ask for a quote for one video and portfolio.
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    TechMine 10 deals
    I will establish a long-term cooperation with a person who has experience in editing videos, as well as has a head full of ideas for topics and the general outline of the videos, and is interested in business in the broadest sense, because in such topics will be recordings. The key thing for us is precisely that such a person should come up with interesting concepts and topics for videos on business and sales topics. We are equally talking about long form and short form (e.g. shorts). Editing and topics should always be adapted to the most popular channels, such as YouTube, LinkedIn, IG, TikTok, Facebook. In simple terms, we need a concept for a minimum of 1 longer video (the long form will primarily be used for YouTube) per week and several shorts and their subsequent editing/editing, once we have produced them. The one from the long form will also need to be cut into smaller pieces in a meaningful way for sharing on different channels and in different forms. We do not require social media support - rather, sharing will be handled by ourselves. more to be discussed.
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    Assembly of rolls on instagram
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person who will edit rolls for instagram, Beauty industry, I would like there to be dynamic transitions, subtitles substituted, animations added, Rolls are to be interesting, I am looking for a creative person. I have sample rolls, which I would like to have.
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video editing
video editing
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Video editing as well as preparation of PL and EN subtitles in .srt

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For a committed and experienced video editor

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Video for YouTube Additionally for Likedin, Twitter, Facebook