Testing and reviewing a simple 2D mobile game for playability (Android)

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I am looking for a person or people who have experience in testing and reviewing mobile games in terms of playability, i.e. game enjoyment, quality of the game, its intuitiveness, compliance with standards, etc. It is important that it is a person who had the opportunity to play many different games and will be able to reliably compare my game with others and write a review / short review about it, indicating the general experience of the game, assess the fun of the game, replayability (do not get bored too quickly, and if so - why, what could be changed), graphics, sound, intuitiveness (e.g. are the rules easy to learn, is the control comfortable, etc.) and the strengths and weaknesses of this game, along with tips on what should be changed in it to make it better played.

This is a very simple game with 4 characters - one human-controlled and 3 controlled by artificial intelligence. They all compete with each other for the best possible score at the end of the round. Each round lasts a certain number of seconds, and the entire game is won by winning a certain number of rounds.

At the moment, the game is prepared for one platform, i.e. Android. It has not yet been made available to the public on the Play Store, but will be available for download from there for the tester.

The time of one round is from 20 to 60 seconds, and the number of rounds to win the game is from 1 to 9 also a single game is rather short / very short - depending on these settings.

I suspect that the whole thing will take 2-3 hours for an experienced person.

If you have questions and need more details - please see priv.

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The result of the order should be a thorough review of the game covering as wide an area as possible resulting from thorough testing and comparing it with other games of this type.

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