System for financial management company budget - Excel + sql + power BI

Eat Fit
Eat Fit
Job category:
Other IT services
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Preferable skills:
data analysis
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Job description

I will commission the preparation of a financial management system based on Microsoft Excel.

Project outline:

A spreadsheet for analyzing financial data - company budget statement of costs, revenues, margin calculations, production costs, controlling working hours, salaries, vacations, marketing data, roas, KPIs, forecasts, goals and their implementation.

Tasks to be performed and Functions:

Needs analysis, pricing and system design

Preparation of the backend of the system

Preparation of the display of reports in an accessible form

Preparation of data presentation in powerBI (not mandatory)

Integration with invoicing program after API

Integration with PostgreSQL sales and production system database

Integration with RCP system (work time recorder)

Due to the rather complex nature of the business - complex production, a large number of products and variables, marketing, sales. Experience in financial data analysis is welcome.

Required functions:

Postgresql integration, RCP, invoicing, downloading marketing data from google analytics,

Place or location:

remote work

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