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    ZlatyGroup 17 deals
    We execute email campaigns using an external SMTP server, which provides us with a report: OR, CTR, BounceRate. We would like to have this data deposited on the customer/contact card in our CRM.
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    I will commission an analysis of the network traffic generated during online games (here I leave the choice to you, however it must be at least 2 different games) - more precisely what traffic is transmitted - IP, UDP, TCP, http, what are the delays, what are the ports opened. You can measure latency in the TCP protocol using RTT travel times, which are the difference between the time of receipt of an ACK acknowledgment with a sequence number one greater than the sequence number plus the size of the data segment sent. This measurement can also be done via the icmp protocol, using the Echo request - response mechanism. To perform the task, it is best to use Kali Linux along with, for example, Wireshark, tcpdump, or other tools as desired. The analysis must be documented with the steps performed, along with a brief description and screenshots, and must include an analysis of the requests - this can be a Word file, or PDF.
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    Baselinker <> Prestashop
    Proposed by freelancer
    I am looking for a person to extend Baselinker integration with Prestashop. I want to integrate the created additional fields next to the products with the additional fields in Prestashop created with the module
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    adrianszczesniak 30 deals
    Setting up a sales CRM
    Proposed by freelancer
    Good day I am looking for a person who will be responsible for the configuration of a new crm system that we are implementing in the company. The task will be to go through the entire sales process in the company, dissecting it including what happens at what stage, what information is filled in, etc. And translating it into crm (with the support of their support). And the responsibility of connecting by ani several external systems (with the help of our specialists who take care of it). So what we're really looking for is someone to coordinate this whole process and be responsible for it
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    GMadajczak 1 deal
    You should create a REST API using the GCP API, which will allow you to perform the various steps below (the order will probably be important) 1) You should create a bucket in storage named APP_NAME, 2) You should run the cloud run from the backend according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with a set of environment variables and exposing port 3333 3) You should run the cloud run from the front-1 according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with the environment variable API_URL - backend address and exposing port 4300 4) You should run the cloud run from front-2 according to the docker image from artifactory (with the latest tag) with the API_URL environment variable - backend address and exposing port 4200 5) Network the instances - publicly accessible each of the three ports at, with paths: - for backend: /api - for front-1: / - for front-2: /customer 6) For individual Clud runs, set the appropriate environment variables (some fixed, some resulting from each stage).
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    Automatic doctor's registrations
    Proposed by freelancer
    Short question, including the budget for the project - give a fork. Need a registration bot that would book an appointment It's even about a specific doctor, but that maybe later :) Is it possible? If so, for how much?
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    Growth 79 deals
    We are looking for an experienced person with skills in Bitrix24 system configuration and customization. The assignment includes basic system setup and creation of automation based on the sales process provided by us. Additionally, experience in configuring VoIP systems is welcome, with a focus on Bitrix-dedicated solutions. This phase covers the item on offer: Bitrix administrator support Our Bitrix administrator will help set up the CRM system correctly and provide a list of recommendations for implementation. He will be responsible for configuring and personalizing the system to meet your business requirements. We require one working day of administrator support. We are looking for a partner for long-term cooperation, as it is likely that the project will be developed in the future and our sales team will benefit from the growing capabilities of the Bitrix24 system. In your offer, please detail your experience with the Bitrix24 system and with VoIP systems.
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    Moving the site
    Proposed by freelancer
    Moving the website to another more favorable domain. Currently the website built on webwave.
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    MK Studio 9 deals
    The trigger would be to provide a topic or choose from suggestions. The result is to be content added to socialmedia - including both a video/graphic as well as an interesting engaging post that gives value in the form of a solution to a problem or simply a thought-provoking, arresting post.
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    DamianD. 9 deals
    Hello I will outsource the installation of IAI downloander on a virtual drive and configure the wholesaler.
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Lingua Line
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Other IT services
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We are looking for support to get our mailings up and running. We are currently using SendBlaster mailing program and ovh server, but deliverability is poor.

We have an email database of our own, but it is old.

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